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  1. If you see a male pateint with spider angioma what do you think?
    Liver disease, individuals with liver disease are not able to clear estrogens from the blood.
  2. In you office you remove a hyperpigemented macule lesion on a patient, when you remove it and send it to path you find that it was in the dermepidermal junction above the basement membrane. WHat is the most likely diagnosis?
    Junctional nevus.
  3. What is a nevus?
    a benign pigmented skin lesion
  4. Your patient has venous reflux, what benign and possible malignant lesion will you look for?
    Statis dermatitis, and squamous cell.
  5. Describe lesion that you think looks like a superficial spreading melanoma using the ABCDE's
    • Asymmetrical
    • Boarder irregular
    • colored
    • Diameter
    • elevation

    On the patients left dorsal hallux there is a Asymmetric hyperpigmented patch. The lesion has an irregular boarder, is 6 mm in diameter, is elevated approximately 1 mm.
  6. your patient has a melanome that you remove, the path report comes back and says it invades the reticular dermis. Stage this
    Clark's classification stage 4
  7. What is the treatment for scabies?
    5% permethin cream, single dose Ivermectin
  8. A patient has a 4.1 mm deep melanome what it the survival rate?
    • <0.75 97% survival
    • 0.76 -1.5 87%
    • 1.51 -3.99 67%
    • 4. and greater 40%
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