Wow Week Words

  1. Week #1

    Churlish (adj.)
    Definition-difficult to work with or deal with

    • Synonyms-rude, impolite, discourteous
    • Antynoms-polite, courteous, kind
  2. Week #1

    Vigil (n.)
    Definition-Evening of prayers or devotions

    • Synonyms-devotions, morn, ceremony, prayers, memorial
    • Antonyms-party, celebration
  3. Week #1

    Preclude (v.)
    Definition- To eliminate, make impossible

    • Synonyms-prevent, stop, make impossible, prohibit, exclude
    • Antonyms-possible, to allow, continue
  4. Week #1

    Discordant (adj.)
    Definition-disagreeing, being at variance

    • Synonyms-disagree, argueing, incongruous, different, contradictory
    • Antonyms-harmonious, compatible, agreeing, similar
  5. Week #1

    Wrangle (n.)
    Definition-an angry or noisy fight

    • Synonyms-arguement, dispute, disagreement, squabble, quarrel
    • Antonyms-harmony, peace, agreement
  6. Week #2

    Frugal (adj.)
    Definition-financially conservative

    • Synonyms- thrifty, economical, careful, cautious, prudent
    • Antonyms-extravagant, wasteful, generous, lavish
  7. Week #2

    Venerate (v.)
    Defintion- honor, greatly respect

    Synonyms-idolize, revere, regard highly, worship

    Antonyms- hate, despise, disrespect, don't admire
  8. Week #2

    Avowed (adj.)
    Definition- openly confessed

    • Synonyms- assert, self- declared, acknowledged, admitted, open, announcement
    • Antonyms- hide, close, denouncement
  9. Week #2

    Detriment (n.)
    Definition- Emotional or mental damage

    • Synonyms- harm, damage, injury, hurt, impairment, loss
    • Antonyms- benefit, gain, advantage, help
  10. Week #2

    Invalidate (v.)
    Definition- to cancel or deprive

    • Synonyms- render, valid, cancel, negate, disprove
    • Antonyms-to help, start, benefit
  11. Week #3

    Myriad (adj.)
    Definition- countless, many

    • Synonyms-countless, great in quantity, innumerable, infinite, numberless, immeasurable
    • Antonyms- few, none, zero, little
  12. Week #3

    Elite (n. and adj.)
    Definition- best of a group

    Synonyms- best, pick, aristocracy, nobility, upperclass

    Antonyms- dregs, nonentities, worst
  13. Week #3

    Allot (v.)
    Definition- to give out, distribute

    • Synonyms- hand out, give out, give, assign, apportion, issue, grant
    • Antonyms-take back, hold back, keep
  14. Week #3

    Prodigious (adj.)
    Definition- remarkable, great in extent, size

    • Synonyms-great, marvelous, remarkable, amazing, immense, exceptional
    • Antonyms-small, unexceptional, ordinary, plain
  15. Week #3

    Incapacitate (v.)
    Definition- disable, prevent from normal function

    • Synonyms- hurt, injure, disable, deprive of normal function
    • Antonyms-help, benefit, maintain normal function
  16. Week #4

    Staid (adj.)
    Definition- plain, ordinary, unadventurous

    • Synonyms-sedate, respectful, unadventurous, normal, boring, ordinary
    • Antynoms- adventurous, frivolous, daring, informal
  17. Week #4

    Bolster (v.)
    Definition- to support or strengthen

    • Synonyms-strengthen, reinforce, boost, fortify, renew, prop up
    • Antonyms- undermine, weaken, unboost, don't support
  18. Week #4

    Deplore (v.)
    Definition- to express strong dissproval of something

    • Synonyms-abhore, find unacceptable, frown on, disapprove, detest, despise
    • Antonyms-applaud, admire, like, approve
  19. Week #4

    Solicitous (adj.)
    Definition- showing interest or concern

    • Synonyms-concerned, caring, considerate, attentive, mindful, thoughtful, interested, anxious, worried
    • Antonyms-unconcerned, uninterested, not caring, unconsiderate
  20. Week #4

    Nonentity (n.)
    Definition-a person or thing with little significance

    • Synonyms-nobody, unimportant, zero, nonperson, no-name, nothing, small fry
    • Antonyms-celebrity, famous person, god
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