quiz 2

  1. cloud form names


  2. cloud height names
    -cumulus, stratus


  3. (cloud form) Cumuliform
    puffy, globular
  4. (cloud form) Stratiform
    -flat/ layered
  5. (cloud form) nimbo/nimbus
  6. (cloud height) Cumulus/ stratus
    low lying clouds
  7. (cloud height) Alto
    mid altitude
  8. (cloud height) Cirro/ Cirrus
    wispy, highest altitude
  9. Moist content in air masses
    C and M , Continental and Marine
  10. Temperature content air masses
    A, AA, P, T : Arctic, Antartic, Polar, Tropical
  11. Orographic lifting
    air is forced to rise over a mountain or object blocking its path
  12. 3 major wind patterns
    -polar easterlies

    -prevailing westerlies

    -tropical easterlies
  13. (wind patterns) polar easterlies
    cold winds that blow from east to west. near the polar regions
  14. (wind patterns) Prevailing westerlies
    winds that blow from west to east

    -they are located at 30 to 50 degrees latitude in N and S hemisphere
  15. (wind patterns) Tropical easterlies
    • -they blow from northeast in northern hemisphere and they blow from southeast in southern hemisphere.
    • -they act as steering flows for tropical storms
  16. Hadley Cell
    air goes up near equator falls down to cool near polar and goes in a cycle.
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