verb tenses

  1. Past Perfect Tense
    "had" + past participle

    • example: had barked (regular verb)
    • had sung (irregular verb)
  2. Present Perfect Tense
    "has" or "have" + past participle

    • Example: has barked (regular verb)
    • has sung (irregular verb)
  3. Future Perfect Tense
    "will have" + past participle

    • Example: will have barked (regular verb)
    • will have sung (irregular verb)
  4. Past Progressive Tense
    "was" or "were" + "ing"

    • Example: was barking (regular verb)
    • was singing (irregular verb)
  5. Present Progressive Tense
    a present verb "to be" + "ing"

    • example: is barking (regular verb)
    • is singing (irregular verb)
  6. Future Progressive Tense
    "will be" + "ing"

    • Example: will be barking (regular verb)
    • will be singing (irregular verb)
  7. Past Emphatic Tense
    "did" + verb

    • example: did bark (regular verb)
    • did sing (irregular verb)
  8. Present Emphatic Tense
    "do" or "does" + verb

    • example: do bark (regular verb)
    • do sing (irregular verb)
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