Organizational Behavior

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  1. Organizational culture
    The pattern of shared values, beliefs, and assumptions considered to be appropriate way to think and act within an organization
  2. Artifacts
    Aspects of an organization's culture that you see, hear and feel
  3. Beliefs
    The understandings of how objectives and ideas relate to each other
  4. Values
    The stable, long lasting beliefs about what is important
  5. Assumptions
    The taken-for-granted notions of how something should be
  6. Dominant Culture
    A system of shared meaning that expresses the core values shared by a majority of the organization's members
  7. subcultures
    minicultures within an organization, typically defined by department designations and geographic separations
  8. Core values
    The primary, or dominant, values that are accepted throughout the organization.
  9. Strong Culture
    A culture in which core values are intensely held and widely shared
  10. Rituals
    Repetitive sequences of activities that express and reinforce the key valuews of the organization; what goals are most important' and which people are important and which ones are expendable.
  11. Socialization
    The process that adaps new employees to an organization's culture
  12. prearival stage
    The period of learning in the socialization process that occurs before a new employee joins the organization.
  13. Encounter stage
    The stage in the socialization process in whcih a new emplouee sees what the organization is really like and confronts the possibility that expectations and reality may diverge
  14. Metamorphosis stage
    The stage in the socialization process in whcih a new employee adjusts to the values and norms of the job, work group, and organization.
  15. bicultural audit
    An examination of the differences between 3 potential merger partners prior to a merger to determine whether the culture will be able to work together.
  16. Positive organizational culture
    A culture that emphasizes building on employee strengths, rewards more than punishes and emphasizes individual vitality and growth
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