Comparative Test 4 (E1)

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  1. The excretory system is composed of _____.
    kidneys and associated ducts and storage bladders.
  2. What are the two major functions of the excretory system?
    • Remove nitrogenous wastes and other wastes of metabolism (excretion).
    • Maintain the water and salt balance of the body.
  3. What are Nephrons?
    • Renal tubules
    • Nephric tubules are the structural and functional units of the kidneys.
  4. What are renal capsules?
    Cup-shaped spaces at one end of nephric tubules.
  5. What are Metanephridia?
    Kidneys that have renals capsules.
  6. What are glomeruli?
    Capillary beds in the shape of small knots, these are the sites of blood filtration.
  7. What are internal glomerulus?
    condition in which a glomerulus is surrounded by a renal capsule
  8. What is the renal corpuscle?
    condition in which the glomerulus (capillary bed) dumps into the coelom instead of a renal capsule. In this case the filtrate from the glomerulus must reach tubules indirectly.
  9. What are nephrostomes?
    openings of nephric tubules into the coelm (body cavity) in more primitive kidneys (those with external glomeruli).
  10. What is the glomus?
    a giant corpuscle formed fusion of smaller pronephric tubules.
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