terms for final quiz 11 the skin, eye and ear

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  1. integument
  2. epidermis
    outermost layer of the skin
  3. keratin
    hard protein in nails and hair
  4. sebum
    oily substance
  5. lipocyte
    fat cell
  6. dermis
    middle layer of skin
  7. lunula
    half moon shaped whitish area at the base of a nail
  8. subcutaneous
    fatty innermost layer of the skin
  9. melanin
    skin pigment
  10. albino
    person with a deficient of skin pigment
  11. adipose tissue
    fat tissue
  12. deramatitis
    inflammed, itchy skin
  13. erythema
    widespread redness of the skin
  14. xeroderma
    very dry skin
  15. diaphoresis
    profuse sweating
  16. liposuction
    removal of adipose tissue by aspiration
  17. onychomycosis
    fungal infection of the nails
  18. fissure
    groove or crack-like sore
  19. ulcer
    open sore on the skin or mucus membrane
  20. alopecia
    absence of hair
  21. scabies
    parasitic infection of the skin
  22. vitiligo
    de-pigmentation of the skin
  23. verruca
    epidermal growth caused by a virus
  24. squamous cell carcinoma
    cancerous growth composed of flat, epithelial cells
  25. pruritis
  26. iris
    colored portion of the eye
  27. sclera
    opaque white of the eye
  28. conjunctiva
    membrane lining the inner surface of the eyelid
  29. refraction
    bending of light rays by the cornea
  30. accomodation
    adjustment of the eye to focus on objects
  31. optic nerve
    carries impulses from retina to the brain
  32. ciliary body
    controls the shape of the lens
  33. opththalmologist
    medical doctor who specializes in treating eye disorders
  34. blepharoptosis
    drooping eyelid
  35. dacryoadenitis
    inflammation of the tear duct and gland
  36. lacrimation
    process of making tears
  37. amblyopia
    reduction of visual acuity, "lazy eye"
  38. nyctalopia
    poor night vision
  39. esotropia
    inward turning of the eye
  40. presbyopia
    decreased vision due to aging
  41. ossicles
    small bones that conduct sound waves
  42. cerumen
    lubricates and protects ear
  43. myringotomy
    to cut an opening into the tympanic membrane
  44. otopyorrhea
    flow of discharge(pus) from the ear
  45. otolaryngologist
    MD who specializes in the ear, nose, and throat
  46. otitis media
    inflammation of the middle ear
  47. tinnitis
    sensation of noises in the ear
  48. otosclerosis
    hardening of the bony tissue of the middle ear
  49. otoscopy
    visual examination of the ear canal
  50. audiometry
    testing the sense of hearing
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terms for final quiz 11 the skin, eye and ear
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