terms for final quiz 10 musculoskeletal

  1. bursa
    sac of synovial fluid near a joint
  2. ligament
    connective tissue that binds bone to bones
  3. fibrous joints
    immovable joints of the skull
  4. vertebra
    individual segment of the spine
  5. fascia
    fibrous membrane that envelops and separates muscle
  6. epiphyseal plate
    growth area of a long bone
  7. periosteum
    strong membrane surrounding long bone
  8. patella
  9. sternum
  10. red bone marrow
    contains immature and mature blood cells
  11. compact bone
    hard, dense bone
  12. pubic symphysis
    two pubic bones join here
  13. lordosis
    exaggerated anterior curvature of the spine
  14. osteoblast
    immature bone cell
  15. osteoclast
    bone cell that removes excess bone tissue
  16. scoliosis
    condition of crooked, bent spinal column
  17. osteotome
    instrument used to cut bone
  18. rheumatologist
    MD who studies and treats disorders of joints
  19. acetabulum
    hip socket
  20. osteoporosis
    loss of bony tissue with decreased mass of bone
  21. phalanges
    finger and/or toe bones
  22. tibia
    shin bone
  23. exotosis
    bony growth arising from the surface of a bone
  24. compression fracture
    bone collapses or is compressed
  25. osteomalacia
    softening of the bone
  26. articulation
    two or more bones coming together
  27. synovial fluid
    sticky substance wiht a joint cavity
  28. ankylosis
    fusion of bones across a joint
  29. arthritis
    inflammation of joints
  30. ganglion
    fluid-filled cyst arising from joint capsule
  31. dislocation
    displacement of a bone from its joint
  32. arthrodesis
    surgical fusion of joints
  33. strain
    overstretching of a muscle
  34. striated muscle
    skeletal, voluntary muscle
  35. fibromyalgia
    chronic pain, stiffness in muscle, joints and fibrous tissue
  36. flexion
    bending a limb
  37. extension
    straightening a flexed limb
  38. rotation
    circular movement around a central point
  39. plantar flexion
    bending the sole of the foot downward
  40. bone desiometry
    x-ray used to measure bone mass in spine, pelvis and wrist
  41. athroplasty
    repair of a joint
  42. tenditis
    inflammtion of the tendon and its covering
  43. kyphosis
    increased posterior curvature of the thoracic space
  44. orthropedics
    "straight child" medical specialty dealing with bones
  45. condyle
    knuckle-like process at the end of a bone near the joint
  46. olecranon
    the point of the flexed elbow
  47. foraman magnum
    large opening at the base of the skull
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terms for final quiz 10 musculoskeletal
terms for final quiz 10 musculoskeletal