terms for final quiz 8 blood

  1. coagulation
    blood clotting
  2. hemoglobin
    protein containing iron
  3. hemolysis
    breakdown of blood cells
  4. cytology
    study of cells
  5. phagocyte
    cell that eats
  6. erythroblast
    immature red blood cell
  7. macrophage
    large, "big eater" cell
  8. leukocyte
    white blood cell
  9. morphology
    study of cell shapes
  10. plasma
    liquid portion of blood
  11. stem cell
    unspecialized cell
  12. erythrocyte
    red blood cell
  13. myeloblast
    immature bone marrow cell
  14. erythropoiesis
    formation of red blood cells
  15. hypochromic
    pertaining to low color in red blood cells
  16. myeloid
    dervied from bone marrow
  17. hemostasis
    stop, control bleeding
  18. hemophilia
    excessive bleeding, "love of blood", hereditary
  19. hematocrit
    percent of red blood cells, to separate
  20. leukocytopenia
    deficiency in white blood cells
  21. anemia
    condition of low red blood cells or hemoglobin
  22. leukoemia
    increase in cancerous white blood cells
  23. erythrocyte sediment rate
    speed at which erythrocytes settle out of plasma
  24. microcytosis
    smaller than normal red blood cells
  25. multiple myeloma
    malignant neoplasm of bone marrow
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terms for final quiz 8 blood
terms for final quiz 8 blood