terms for final quiz 7 respiratory

  1. bronchi
    area where trachea divides
  2. cilia
    fine hair-like structures
  3. visceral pleura
    inner membrane closest to the lung
  4. stridor
    strained, high pitched sound upon inspiration
  5. lobe
    sections of the lungs
  6. pharynx
  7. bronchiolitis
    inflammation of the bronchioles
  8. percussion
    tapping of the back or chest
  9. purulent
    containing pus
  10. adeniodectomy
    removal of the adenoids
  11. pneumoconiosis
    condition of dust in the lungs
  12. anosmia
    without the sense of smell
  13. expectoration
    process of removing sputum
  14. empyema
    collection of pus between the pleura
  15. spirometer
    instrument used to measure breathing
  16. dysphonia
    hoarseness or voice impairment
  17. hemoptysis
    spitting blood
  18. atelectasis
    incomplete expansion of the lung
  19. inspiration
    to bring air into the lungs
  20. respiration
    oxygen exchange at the alveoli
  21. bronchoscopy
    to view the bronchus
  22. bronchodilator
    drug used to dilate the bronchus
  23. wheeze
    continuous high-pitched whistling sounds
  24. pulmonary edema
    fluid in the air sacs and bronchioles
  25. pulmonary abcess
    large collection of pus in the lungs
  26. epistaxis
    nose bleed
  27. pneumonothorax
    air in the thoracic space, collapsed lung
  28. hyperpnea
    increased deep breathing
  29. tachypnea
    rapid shallow breathing
  30. dyspnea
    pain, abnormal breathing
  31. orthopnea
    to ease breathing by sitting upright
  32. apnea
    sudden cessation of breathing (without breath)
  33. upper respiratory infection
  34. shortness of breath
  35. dyspnea on exertion
  36. respiratory synoytial virus
  37. cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  38. pneumonia
    acute inflammtion and infection of the alveoli
  39. cystic fibrosis
    inherited disorder of the exocrine glands causing thick mucus secretions
  40. pertussis
    bacterial infection characterized by violent coughing with a "whooping" sound upon inspiration
  41. emphysema
    hyperinflation of the air sacs with alveolar destruction resulting in limited expiration flow
  42. tuberculosis
    bacterium bacilli invade the lungs, causing small tubercles of infection
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terms for final quiz 7 respiratory
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