Drama Vocab #2

  1. Define Articulation
    clear and percise announciation of words
  2. Define Inflection
    A variety in speech
  3. Define Resonance
    A quality caused by vibration to enhance vocal tone
  4. Define Pantomime
    To act without words and only gestures
  5. Define Resonators
    The parts of the body that create vowel sounds
  6. Define Gesture
    An expressive movement of the body and arms
  7. Define Improvise
    To act without a script
  8. Define Apron
    The acting area that extends beyond the procenium
  9. Define Scenery
    On stage pysical elements that establish time and place of a show
  10. Define Stage Manager
    Directors liason that is backstage during rehearsals and performances
  11. Define Batten
    A metal pipe that light, drops and scenery hang from
  12. Define Backdrop/Drop
    A large canvas of muslin curtain that hangs at the back of the stage setting
  13. Define Flat
    A set piece consisting of a light weight frame covered with wood
  14. Define Platform
    A solid top with base and legs
  15. Define Set
    Structure on stage where an actor performs
  16. Define Stage Crew
    The group of people working on the construction, props, lighting, sound, coustumes and makeup
  17. Define Throw
    The distance light can be hung from an instrument
  18. Define Cue
    A signal for something to happen
  19. Define prop
    Anything an actor handles on stage as well as items used to enhance the set
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