terms for final quiz 5 nervous system

  1. central nervous system
    brain and spinal cord
  2. meninges
    protective membranes of the brain
  3. neuron
    nerve cell
  4. peripheral nervous system
    nerves outside the brain and spinal cord
  5. synapse
    space between nerve cells
  6. ventricles of the brain
    canals within the brain
  7. cerebrum
    largest part of the brain
  8. dendrite
    receives the nerve impulses
  9. plexus
    interlacing network of nerves, "weave together"
  10. pia mater
    thin, delicate inner membrane
  11. dura mater
    tough, outer membrane
  12. astrocyte
    "star cell" type of neuroglial cell
  13. polyneuritis
    inflammation of many nerves
  14. meningeal
    pertaining to the meninges
  15. glioblastoma
    malignant tumor of the neuroglia
  16. neuropathy
    disease condition of the nerve
  17. anesthesia
    lack of normal sensation
  18. hyperkinesis
    excessive movement
  19. cephalgia
    head pain
  20. anencephaly
    congential brain malformation, "without brain"
  21. quadplegia
    paralysis of all for extremities
  22. aphasia
    without speech
  23. hemiparesis
    weakness in half of the body
  24. poliomyleitis
    viral disease of gray matter in the spinal cord
  25. hydrocephalus
    abnormal acculmation of fluid in the brain
  26. spina abifida
    imperfect union of spine
  27. epilpsy
    brain disorder
  28. multiple sclerosis
    hardening of the myelin sheath on neurons
  29. cerbral contusion
    brusing of brain tissue resultant from trauma
  30. aneurysm
    CVA caused by ruptured artery
  31. meningitis
    inflammtion of the meninges
  32. cerebral spinal fluid
    flows throughout the brain and around spinal cord
  33. lumbar puncture
    withdrawal of fluid from spinal cord
  34. encephalitis
    inflammation of the brain
  35. myelomeningocele
    hernia of the spinal cord and meninges
  36. thrombotic
    CVA caused by a blocked artery
  37. palsy
    partial or complete loss of motor function
  38. plexus
    collection of nerve bodies in the PNS
  39. paraplegia
    paralysis of the lower half of the body
  40. encephalopathy
    disease condition within the brain
  41. autonomic nervous system
    cranial, spinal and autonomic nerves
  42. anesthesia
    without feeling or nervous sensation
  43. neuralgia
    nerve pain
  44. intracranial pressure
    pressure within the skull cavity,
  45. alpha fetal protein
    amniotic fluid is tested for this
  46. electroencephalography
    records the electrical activity of the brain
  47. myelography
    x-ray imaging of the spinal cord
  48. cerebral angiography
    x-ray of the blood vessels in the brain
  49. Parkinson's
    degenerative neurologic disorder caused by a deficiency of dopamine
  50. ALS
    degenerative disorder characterized by weakness and atrophy of both voluntary and involuntary muscles
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terms for final quiz 5 nervous system
terms for final quiz 5 nervous system