chem 5 review

  1. Octet rule
    atoms react by gaining or losing electrons so as to acuqire the stable electron structure of a noble gas, usually wight valence electrons
  2. isotope
    atoms of the same element that have the same atomic number but differenct atomic masses due to a different number of neutrons
  3. Bohr
    Proposed that an electron is found only in specific circular parths or orbits around the nucleus (model electrons move in a circular orbit at fixed distances from the nucleus)
  4. Dalton
    pictures atoms as tiny, indestructible particles with no internal structure, (model is solid sphere)
  5. Thomson
    Discovers electron, (plum pudding model)
  6. Rutherford
    finds that an atom has small, dense, possitively charged nucleus, electrons move around the nucleus (model lots of criss crossing ovals with electrons attached)
  7. De Broglie
    created a mathamatical equation for the behavior of atoms
  8. Heisenberg
    its impossible to know exactly both the velocity and the position of a particle at the same time
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chem 5 review
chem 5 review