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  1. Unipolar Neuron
    Neuron that has a single process extending from the cell body which is very short and divides almost immediately into a peripheral process and a central process
  2. Interneuron
    Neuron that conveys impulses within the Central Nervous System (CNS)
  3. Sensory Neuron
    Neuron that conveys impulses along afferent pathways to the Central Nervous System for interpretation
  4. Motor neuron
    Neuron that conveys impulses along efferent pathways from the Central Nervous System to an effector (muscle or gland)
  5. Bipolar Neuron
    Neuron that has two processes, an axon and a dendrite, that extend from opposite sides of the body
  6. Multipolar Neuron
    Neuron that has three or more processes and is the most common neuron type in human and the major neuron type in the central nervous system (CNS)
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Classification of Neurons