Macbeth quotes and other stuff

  1. Fair is foul, and foul is fair
    bad is good, good is bad
  2. Till he unseemed him from the nave to the chops
    And fixed his head upon our battlements
    tells us that macbeth is violent and ruthless
  3. Lesser than Macbeth and greater
    Not so happy, yet much happier
    tells us that banquo's kids will be king
  4. Duncan names who as heir to the throne?
  5. The prince of cumberland! That is a step
    On which i must fall down, or else o'er leap.
    For in my way it lies. Stars, hide your fires!
    macbeth wants to be king and he might do something bad to get what he wants
  6. Away and mock the time with fairest show
    put on a mask to hide true emotions
  7. Fife?
    Macduff's castle
  8. sennet sounded?
    a trumpet sounded
  9. sirrah?
    a term of address to an inferior
  10. 3 apparitions?
    • armed head warns him to beware macduff
    • bloody child assures macbeth he cant be killed by someone born of a woman
    • crowned child holding a tree tells him not to worry about anything until birnam wood moves towards dunsinane
  11. crowned child represents?
  12. what does the bloody child make him think?
    he is invincible
  13. armed head represents?
  14. 8 kings holding a mirror?
    infinity of kings that look like banquo
  15. anachronism
    something done out of time
  16. hellhound?
    fall on your sword
  17. flourish?
    good trumpet sound
  18. All scottish kings are crowned at _____? and buried at _____?
    • Scone
    • Colcolm
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Macbeth quotes and other stuff
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