Nervous Systems

  1. What is the 1st protective case/helmet?
    body incases delicate tissues in bone
  2. What is the 2nd protective case/helmet?
    meninges=envelope of connective tissue
  3. What functions are the other functions that CSF does?
    • maintains a constant molecular environment for neurons and glia
    • removes dangerous metabolites that can damgae the brain tissue
  4. What are the 2 meningeal ?
    • dura mater-tough mother
    • arachnoid mater-spider-like mother
    • pia mater-delicate mother
  5. What are the 3 meninges functions?
    • form protective, vascular coats, which house between the inner two layers
    • the fluid compartment that forms a hydraulic shock absorber and suspension system for the brain and spinal cord
  6. What is dura mater?
    Strong dense collagenous membrane that forms a tough outer encasement for the CNS
  7. What is the periosteal dura?
    • outer layer of the skull
    • attaches intimately to the inside of the cranial bone
  8. What is the meningeal dura?
    • It is the inner layer
    • intimately associated with the underlying arachnoid mater
  9. What are the dural septas?
    • falx cerebri-seperates right to left
    • falx cerebelli-seperates the cerebellar hemi's
    • tentorium cerebelli-seperates the cerebrum for the cerebellum
    • dural venous sinuses-reservoirs for draining the capillaries of the brain
  10. What are the leptomeninges?
    • inner two meningeal membranes
    • vascular
    • thin
    • somewhat transparent layers comprised of arachnoid cells
    • thin loose arrays of collagen
  11. What fills teh subarachnoid space?
  12. What is the tventricular system?
    Lateral ventricals=c shaped cavity within the core of the hemispheres (there are 2)
    Third ventricale=sits withing the core of the diencephalon
    Aqueduct= narrow channel passes through the core of the midbrain
    Fourth Vebtrical=tapers through the medulla to enter the spinal cord as the central canal
    Central Canal=much reduced portion of the central cavitation haveing the thickness of a pin prick
    Choroid plexus= convoluted aggregation of capillaries=protections are the principal site for the production of csf
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