1. Summer Solstice
    • June 21st
    • 1st day of summer
    • the day with greatest amount of sunlight
  2. winter solstice
    • december 21st
    • least amount of sunlight
  3. vernal/spring equniox
    • march 21st
    • 12 hours of sun 12 hours of night
  4. autumnal eqinox
    • september 21st
    • 12 hours of sun and dark
  5. the moon rotates in
    27 and a third days
  6. the moon revolves in
    29.5 days
  7. umbra
    small completely dark,inner part of a shadow
  8. penumbra
    the grayish marginal portion of a sunspot
  9. tides
    daily change in the level of the earths ocean
  10. what causes tides
    the moons gravity
  11. the sides of the earth that is facing the moon and the oppostite side will have
  12. lowtides occur between
  13. tides change about every
    6 hours 15 minutes
  14. flood tide
    incoming or rising tide
  15. ebb tide
    outgoing or falling tides
  16. spring tide
    tide that is higher or lower then normal tides
  17. neap tides
    tide that is not as high or low as normal tides
  18. waning gibbous
    • if lite on left side its waning
    • more then half but not full moon
  19. last quarter
    • light on left side
    • half is light
  20. waning crescent
    • left side lit
    • after this goes back to new moon
  21. one side of the moon always faces the earth true or false
  22. first moon landing
    last moon landing
    • july 20 1969
    • 1972
  23. largest crater on moon
  24. where did the astrounuts land
    the sea of tranquility
  25. perigee
    • the point of its orbit closest to the earth
    • (350,000 kms away)
  26. apogee
    • the point of its orbit that is farthest from earth
    • (400,000 kms away)
  27. the moon moves
  28. waxing crescent
    right side lit
  29. first quarter
    right side half is lit
  30. waxing gibbous
    • right side is lite
    • almost full moon
  31. full moon
    moon aooears fully lit to us
  32. lunar eclipse
    • earth is blocking the moon
    • people in nighttime can see it
  33. solar eclipse
    • the moon is casting a shadow on earth
    • it they are in the umbra they see a total solar eclipse
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