Developmental pyschology

  1. Develomental psychologist
    Studies how our behavior and thoughts change over time.
  2. What is nature?
    Refers to genetic factors involved in development and maturation.
  3. What is Nurture?
    Refers to envirnomental factors involved in development and maturation
  4. Preconventional Stage
    • A Stage of Lawrence Kohlberg Moral Developmental Theory.
    • A person evaluating a moral choice using postconventional reasoning examines the rights and value involved in the choice.
  5. What did Kholberg described?
    He described how self-defined ethical principles might be involved in the reasoning in this stage, weighing the merit of altruism or limiting certain rights for the good of the group.
  6. Conventional Stage
    • A Stage of Lawerence Kohlberg Moral Developmental Theory.
    • Children are able to move past personal gain or loss and look at the moral choice through others eyes.
    • Children in this stage make a moral choice based on how others will view them.
    • Children learn coventional standards of what is right and wrong from their parents, peers, media and so on. They may try to follow these standards so that other people will see them as good.
  7. Concrete Operations
    • Jean Piaget's cogitive developmental stages
    • 8 to 12 years old
    • Children learn to think more logically about complex relationships between different characteristics of objects
  8. Concepts of Conservation
    • Categorized children in the concrete-operations stage when they demostrated knowledge of concepts of conservation, the realsization that properties of objects remain the same even when their shapes change.
    • These concepts demonstrate how the different aspects of objects are conserved even when their arrangement changes.
  9. Formal Operations
    • Piaget's cognitive development stages
    • 12 to adulthood
    • the final stage describes adult reasoning
    • theorized that not everyone reach formal operations in all areas of thought. this is abstract reasoning.
    • we can manipulate objects and contrast ideas in our mind without physically seein gthem.
    • we also gain the abililty to think about the way we think; this is called metacognition. we trace our thought processes and evaluate the effectiveness of how we solved a problem.
  10. Preconventional Stage
    • Stage of Lawerence Kohlberg's Moral Developmental Theory
    • Children focused on making decisions most likely to avoid punishment
    • Their moral reasoning is limited to how the choice affects themselves.
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