Nervous System

  1. What are nerves?
    • cord-like structures distributed throughout the body.
    • a bundle of neurons/neurons are single cell
  2. What are neurons?
    cord like structures that are bundled of many hundreds to thousands of cells
  3. What is endoneurium?
    • mesh collagen fibers, fibroblasts, and macrophages surrounded by ECF
    • fluid nurishes the neuron and provides the necessary environment for its functions
  4. What is perineurium?
    • thicker sheath of ct
    • collagenous sheaths with up to 15 layers of fibroblast distributed in a meshwork of collagen
  5. What is epineurium?
    • bundles all the fasciculi together to form a single nerve
    • makes up to 50% of the cross-sectional area of a nerve
    • sheath gives the nerve the necessary tensile strength to resist the tensile forces that can so easily damage the delicat nervous tissue.
    • small blood vessels and lymphatics for the nerve
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Nervous System
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