Nervous System

  1. What is the structural make up of the spinal nerve?
    • Dorsal root=afferent=sensory neurons entering the spinal cord
    • Ventral root=efferent=motor neurons leaving the spinal cord in rte to mms and glands of the body
    • Spinal nerve trunk=seperates in cns/pns
    • Dorsal root ganglion=location of cells bodies of the sensory neurons
  2. In the PNS, what are the somatic branches?
    Dorsal ramus=innervates the extensor mms on the posterior aspects of the vertebral column and skin of the back
    Ventral ramus=does what the dorsal does not=largest branch of the spinal nerve
    -this forms the intercostal nerves between the ribs, the nerves of the abdominal wall, the nerves of the neck wall, and all the nerves that innervate both limbs
  3. In the PNS, what are the Visceral branches?
    • they are for communicating=connection
    • enter body cavities for digestive, respiratory, and urinary organs.
  4. In the PNS, name and discribe the Visceral branches.
    • White communicating ramus=mylenated, communication nerve branches between spinal nerves and sympathic trunk nerve
    • mainly in thorasic & upper lumbar region
    • Gray communicating ramus=non-mylenated, communication nverve branch between spinal nerves and sympathic trunk nerve
    • Sympathetic trunk nerve= runs along vertebral column-2 long ganglionated nerve strands on either side of the vertebrae
    • from base of skull to coccyx
    • Sympathetic splanchnic nerve= starts at parasympathetic
    • distributes to viscera
  5. Must know cranial nerves/function (Sensory Nerves).
    • Cranial Nerve I-olfactory nerve=smelling in the nose
    • Cranial Nerve II-optic nerve=vision in the eye
    • Cranial Nerve VIII-vestibulocchlear nerve=hearing and equililbrium
  6. Must know cranial nerves/function (Motor Nerves).
    Cranial Nerve III-oculomotor nerve=extraocular mms
  7. Must know cranial nerve/function (mixed,motor,and sensory nerves)
    • Cranial Nerve V-trigeminal nerve/general sense of face=touch on face, tongue, and teeth
    • Cranial Nerve VII-facial nerve=facial expression, sensing sweet,salty, and sour taste, salivary glands
    • Cranial Nerve X-vagus nerve=swallowing, speaking, Parasympahetic heart/digestion
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