Nervous System

  1. What tis the Cerebrum?
    • not vital to servival
    • 100 billion neurons
    • control site of the nervous system
  2. In the Cerebrum, what is gray matter?
    • where synapses takes place in outter shell of cerebrum
    • folded areas for more surface area
    • covers entire brain
    • -cortex=towards the out side
    • handles executive function
    • 15-25 is when it is fully matured.
  3. In Cerebrum, what is white matter?
    • the signal wiring from one side to another
    • lobe to lobe
    • myleniated
    • the bulk of the cerebrums interior
    • composed mainly of nerve fibers
  4. In the Cerebrum, what are the hemisphere's?
    • Right= artistic abilities, spatial relationships
    • Left= uniformity, logic, rules, verbal skills, writing, math

    the hemispheres are seperated by corpus collosum
  5. What are the fibers in the white matter?
    • Commissural=left and right hemi communication
    • Association=with in teh same hemi communication
    • Projection= low centers
  6. In the Cerebrum, what are the lobes?
    • there are 4 lobes of the cerebal
    • Frontal-personality, intelligence, planning and communication
    • Parietal-speech, understanding,interprets textures and shape
    • Occipital- focus the eye, conscious perceptions of vision
    • Temporal- sensation, storage of auditory and visual experiences.
  7. In the CNS, what is the Diencephalon?
    • Central core of the cerebrum
    • forms connections with the cortex that are involved in complex mental processes (Pituitary gland)
    • principal autonomic center of brain
  8. In the CNS, what is Cerebellum?
    • smooth, coordinated movements of skeletal mm
    • sits inferior and posterior to the large cerebal hemispheres
    • processes input received from the cerebral cortex, brain stem nuclei, and peripheral sensory receptors that influence motor neurons supplying skeletal mm.
    • provides mm's with precise timing, appropriate patterns of contraction for smooth coordinatied movements.
    • function=subconscious level
  9. In CNS, what is the brain stem?
    • basic life support=breathing, heart activity, digestion
    • contains sensory and motor pathways between lower and higher centers
    • superior most part of the cns containing motor neurons
  10. In CNS, what are Pons?
    • breathing
    • ventral fibers
    • Middle cerebellar pedunclles connecting the cerebellum and cerebral cortetx for maximal efficiency of motor activites
    • nerve nuclei=serve as respiratory centers to control the normal rhythm of breathing.
  11. In the CNS, what is the medulla oblongata?
    houses the major autonomic reflex center that relays visceral motor control to the heart, blood vessels, respiratory and gut tube anatomy
  12. In the CNS, what is the Spinal Cord?
    • least differentiated part of the CNS
    • 2-way conduction pathway to and from higher centers in the brain
    • initiates complex patters of motor activity
    • alternating flexor-extensor patterns seen in walking
  13. In the Spinal Cord, what is white matter tracts?
    2-way communication between body and brain
  14. In the Spinal Cord, what is the gray matter nuclei?
    where message transferance happens
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