Asia part 2

  1. What is Korea's real name?
  2. What does Choson mean?
    land of the morning calm
  3. How did Korea start?
    3 tribes
  4. Which tribe took over in Korea?
    the center island and started dynasty
  5. What dynasty lasted for 600 years in Korea?
    the Yi dynasty
  6. What religions are big in Korea?
    Confusism, Buddhism, Toaism
  7. What indicates that the Korean war action is not over?
    • a treaty was never signed
    • 30,000-35,000 soldiers getting combat pay
  8. When Japan had control over what did they do to the Korean people?
    they preformed experiments on them?
  9. How long did Korea not have to govern themselves?
    from 1910-WWII
  10. What was the movement called when Russia came from the North and the US came from the South and cut off Japan?
    the pincher movement
  11. What was Russia doing while they were in the North of Korea?
    they made little communist cells while they were occupying the North
  12. What did the US do on August 15, 1948 in Korea?
    the established the Republic of Korea (ROK)
  13. What did Russia do on Semptember 9th, 1948?
    Communists created the democratic peoples republic of Korea
  14. What is Japan's real name?
  15. Who was considered by many to be the George Washington of South Korea?
    Sigma Rhee
  16. In South Korea where does most of the power still lie?
    ROK military
  17. Who was the first "president" of North Korea?
    Kim Il-Sung
  18. How long was Kim Il-Sung dictator of North Korea?
    from 1948-the 1990's
  19. How old was Kim Il-Sung's son when he took over as dictator and what had been his previous job?
    • he was in his 70's
    • he had been a movie director
  20. What happened on June 25, 1950?
    • North Korea invaded South Korea
    • a communist state invaded a free state
  21. which US president brought the issue of fighting in Korea to the UN?
    President Truman
  22. How was it possible that the UN voted yes to fighting to keep Korea free?
    Russia was not there to protest because they had boycotted the UN over a money issue
  23. What peninsula became independent in 1957-58?
    the Malaya Peninsula
  24. who was Bereney controlled by?
    a sultan
  25. what 2 areas are on the island of Barneyo?
    Sabah and Sarawak
  26. why did an indonesian man want the land on Barneyo?
    because of the oil on the island
  27. Britain said that Singapore could be independent if they did what?
    if they joined up with an already successful country
  28. When Singapore joined the the other Malaysian countries they became the what?
    the federation of Malaya
  29. when did Singapore gain independence?
  30. What was the divesity problem with the federation of Malaya?
    half Chinese and half Malaysians with a few Indonesian
  31. Why were the Chinese in the federation of Malaya upset?
    because they didn't want the Malaysians to be leaders over them
  32. When does Singapore leave the federation of Malaya?
  33. When Singapore and Malaysia seperated what did they do for each other?
    they signed a treaty
  34. what did the treaty that Singapore and Malaysia protect Singapore from?
  35. where does Singapore get a lot of its resources from?
  36. what are some evidences that Singapore has a lot of brain power?
    #1 in biotechnologybig with the stockmarketluxury airlines
  37. when was there a solar eclipse in Tahiti in the Southern Hemisphere?
  38. How many were in the crew that went down to observe the solar eclipse?
    6 people
  39. When were the crew of 6 going to observe the solar eclipse allowed to open the letter they were given?
    after the solar eclipse
  40. Who did they send to take the group of scientists down to Tahiti?
    Captain Cook
  41. What kind of ship did the British not want for the science trip to Tahiti?
    a clippar ship
  42. What kind of ship did Captain Cook have?
    a coal barge
  43. what features of a coal barge made it perfect for the British exploration job?
    it had a flat bottomplenty of space for provisions
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