Ch 35

  1. How to Lift to Prevent Injuries
    • 1. Position Feet properly
    • 2. use legs NOT your back
    • 3. Don't ever twist or turn
    • 4. Keep patients weight close to your body
  2. What are some types of Patient carry devices?
    • 1. Wheeled Ambulance
    • 2. Portable ambualance
    • 3. Stair Chair
    • 4. Scoop Stretcher
    • 5. Spine Board
    • 6. Basket Stretcher
    • 7. Flex Stretcher
  3. Describe Power Lift and Grip?
    Power Lift- Good for people with weak knees or thighs. Spread feet shoulder width apart, bend knees/use legs.

    Power Grip- Helps get max force from hands. Palms up thumbs up.
  4. Emergency Move VS Urgent Move
    Emergency Move- Use before assessment when there is potential for danger. There is always a risk for spinal injury.

    Urgent Move- This may be needed when you need to move a patientw/an altered LOC, poor ventilation, or shock. Sometimes extreme weather conditions make this necessary as well.
  5. When should you use Rapid Extrication?
    • 1. Vehicle or scene is unsafe
    • 2. Explosives or hazardous materials are on scene
    • 3. Fire or potential fire
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