1. Vern-Jesuits
    -best exemplified Self-Awareness and Love
  2. Lee-Sick Hospital
    -Best exemplified Love and Ingenuity
  3. Kathy-High School Drama
    -Best exemplified ingenuity and love
  4. Adam Shall Von belle
    • -went to China
    • -he reformed the calendar
    • -he showed chinese how to make cannons
    • -master of universal mysteries(aka-astronomer)
    • -known as emperor's mafa-grandfather
    • -first rank manderin-highest chinese rank a manderin could have
    • - also an architect
    • -immersed himself within the chinese culture
    • -was accussed of misusing the doctrine of the jesuits
    • -ironically when he ws going to be ripped-apart alive an earthquake happened that day
    • -believed you have to live the jesuit life not just be one
    • -best exemplified all pillars
    • self-aware-stayed true to his beliefs
    • ingenuity-adapted to culture
    • heroism-took on the task of converted china and accepted charges
    • in the end wasnt well liked
    • love-caring about the culture and adopting and becoming the mafa of the emperors grandson
  5. Ricci
    • -linguist(Chinese), mapmaker, philosopher, multiculturalist
    • -he changed the Jesuit approach to China
    • -he was the first one to enter China
    • -established himself and was well liked by the people of China
    • -sparked the debates
    • -main mission was to get to the emperor gave him gifts (clocks/never been seen by Chinese) and convert him
    • -published direct translations of christian prayers/catochisms
    • -published document on friendship
    • -used confucian ideas
    • -believed in immersing yourself in the culture
    • -best exemplified ingenuity
    • -helped people to learn about the four things described, big thing was helping them to create a map
    • -asked for more help but no one listened
  6. De Nobili
    • -best exemplified ingenuity
    • -gave up a lot to be a jesuit (status)
    • - wore different garments to fit in different caste system
    • -immersed in the culture learned the language
    • -had well thought out plan for his mission
    • -studied hinduism
    • -provided jesuti/christian views integrated them into hindu life
  7. Nadall
    • - he was Loyolas leutenant
    • - best exemplified ingenuity
    • - he stressed that Jesuits should always be on the move, as it increases their worldview
    • - contemplation and action/open to embrace new opportunities
    • - "the whole world is our home" whenever away, it is their best home
  8. Clavius
    • - best exemplifies inginuity and new ideas
    • - was mathematician, and astronomer
    • - never travelled, unlike others
    • - worked with Gallileo
    • - he was a teacher; pressed the importance of knowing languages, math, and sciences
    • - challenged the traditional views
    • - created the Gregorian calendar
    • - not liked by the Catholic church (along with Gallileo)
  9. Goes
    • - linguist, knew persian
    • - sent to India
    • - tried to join Jesuits twice
    • - exemplified heroism because of his task to seek for shorter route to China/Catahy (lost Christians) without maps or guidance
    • - died short of reaching Ricci, his letters got delivered by luck
  10. Lainez
    • - one of the orginal few
    • - exemplified herooism and love
    • - he was a "new Christian" over in Italy
    • - below Ignatius of Loyola, constanly got into arguments, he was really intelligent
    • - later in life apppointed as Loyola's successor
    • - chastized for seeing what was best for the group
  11. Xavier
    • - best exemplified ingenuity
    • - part of the original company
    • - displayed heroism, becasue he was always ready to go; travelled to Goa, India, Japan
    • - helped to develop schools, as well as printing press, discovered other nation's potentilas, inteligence and capabilities
  12. Ignatius of Loyola
    • - founder of Jesuits
    • - it wasn't until he developed self-awarenes that he was able to be impactful and find his niche
    • - started spiritual exercises to increase self-awareness
    • - he was able to unlock other people's potentials by helping them become more self aware
    • - best examplafied all of the pillars, most exemplified self-awareness.
  13. Heroism
    energizing oursleves and others by heroic ambitions
  14. Love
    engagning others with a positive, loving attitude.
  15. Ingenuity
    confidently innovating and adapting to embrace a changing world
  16. Self-awereness
    understanding our own strengths, weaknesses, values and worldview.
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