Formal Logic 1.3

  1. Universal Quantifier
    A symbol that looks like an upside down A, read as "for all," "for every," "for each," or "for any."
  2. Existential Quantifier
    A symbol that looks like a backward E, read as "there exists one," "for at least one," or "for some."
  3. Predicate Well-formed Formulas (wffs)
    wffs containing predicates and quantifiers.
  4. Scope
    "Grouping symbols" such as parentheses and brackets that identify the section of the well-formed formula (wff) to which the quantifier applies.
  5. Free Variable
    A variable that occurs somewhere is a well-formed formula (wff) where it is not part of a quantifier and is not within the scope of a quantifier involving that variable.
  6. Valid
    Such as for a well-formed formula (wff) it it is True in all possible interpretations.
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Formal Logic 1.3
Quantifiers, Predicates, and Validity