Chapter 10

  1. Likely causes for fatigue observved individuals with cancer include:
    • biochemical changes because of treatment
    • muscle loss
    • psychologic factors
  2. The pain experienced with cancer:
    • occurs in bone metastasis
    • results in tissue necrosis
  3. Te anorexia or loss of appetite seen in the syndrome fo cancer cachexia may occur because of :
    altered blood serum levels of glucose and amino acids
  4. The anemia associated with malignancy can be :
    • the result of depletion of hemoglobin building blocks
    • caused by destruction of bone marrow
  5. Chemotherapy for cancer:
    • prevents transcription
    • damages cells undergoing mitosis
  6. Immunotherapy for cancer:
    is a nonspecific treatment
  7. Biologic response modifiers (BRM):
    • directly kill cancer cells
    • augment the tumor immune rejection response
    • modify the cancer cell's susceptibility to lysis
  8. What are the clinical manifestations of Cancer?
    • pain
    • fatigue
    • cachexia
    • anemia
    • leukopenia
    • thrombocytopenia
    • infection
  9. What are the significant genetic mutations that have been altered by enviromental facotrs?
    • smoking
    • radiation
    • obesity
    • few oncogenic virsues
    • H. Pylori
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