1. Teres Major OIA
    • O: Inferior angle of scapula
    • I: Medial aspect of bicipital groove
    • A: Adducts and medial rotates humerus
  2. Subscapularis OIA
    • O: Subscapular fossa
    • I: Lesser tuberosity of humerus
    • A: Medial Rotation of humerus; adduct humerus
  3. Latissimus Dorsi OIA
    • O: T7-L5 SPs by way of thoracodorsal fascia
    • I: Bicipital grove of humerous (in the middle)
    • A: Extends, adducts and medially rotates humerus
  4. Teres Minor OIA
    • O: Axillary border of scapula
    • I: Greater tuberosity of humerus below infraspinatus
    • A: Laterally rotates humerous
  5. Trapezius O
    SP of thoracic spine, ligamentum nuchae, occipital bone
  6. Trapezius IA
    • I: Lateral 1/3 of clavicle, acromium process, spine of scapula
    • A: Upper fibres - Elevation + upper rotation
    • Middle fibres - Retraction
    • Lower fibres - Depression + upper rotation
  7. Levator Scapulae OIA
    • O: TP of C1-C4
    • I: Superior angle of scapula
    • A: Elevation and downward rotation of scapula
  8. Rhomboideus Major OIA
    • O: SP of T2-T5
    • I: Vertebral border of scapula below spine
    • A: Downward rotation and adduction (retration) of scapula
  9. Rhomboideus Minor OIA
    • O: SP of C7-T1
    • I: Border of the scapula above spine
    • A: Downward rotation and retraction (adduction) of scapula
  10. Quadratus Lumborum OIA
    • O: Iliac Crest and iliolumbar ligament
    • I: Transverse process of L1-L4 and R12
    • A: SB to same side; stabilize ribs during respiration
  11. Multifidi OIA
    • O: Sacrum, Iliac crest, TP of all vertebrae
    • I: SP of vert 1-4 above
    • A: Bilateral extend; unilateral sidebend to same side and rotate to opposite
  12. Infraspinatus OIA
    • O: Infraspinous fossa of scapula
    • I: Greater Tuberosity above teres minor
    • A: Lateral rotation of humerus
  13. Supraspinatus OIA
    • O: Supraspinatus fossa
    • I: Lateral aspect of GT
    • A: First 30 degrees of GH abduction
  14. Transverses Abdominus OIA
    • O: Inner lower ribs (7-12), post iliac crest, thoracolumbar fascia
    • I: Linea alba
    • A: Compress abdomen, cinches, core stability, suck in gut
  15. Internal Oblique OIA
    • O: Thoracolumbar fascia, iliac crest ASIS to PSIS
    • I: R9-R12, linea alba (internal)
    • A: Compress abdomen bilaterally; Unilaterally SB to same side, rotate to same side
  16. External Oblique OIA
    • O: R5-R12
    • I:
  17. Rectus Abdominis OIA
    • O: Cartilage of R5-R7, xiphoid process
    • I: Pubic tubercles
    • A: trunk flexion
  18. Sternocleidomastoid (SCM) O
    • O: Sternum, clavicle
    • I: Mastoid Process
    • A: Bilaterally extends head, flex neck; Unilaterally SB & rotates head to opposite side
  19. Pectoralis Minor OIA
    • O: R3-R5
    • I: Coracoid Process
    • A: Anterior tilt of scapula
  20. Pectoralis Major OIA
    • O: Med 1/2 of clavicle, sternum, cartilage of R2-R6, abdominal aponerosis
    • I: Lateral lip of bicipital groove
    • A: Adducts & medial rotates arm
  21. Iliocostalis
    • O+I: Ribs
    • A: bilaterally extends the spine; unilaterally SB spine
  22. Longissimus
    • O+I: TPs
    • A: Bi extends spine and uni SB spine
  23. Spinalis
    • O+I: SP
    • A: Bi extends the spine, Uni SB spine
  24. Serratus Anterior O
    Upper 8-9 ribs on anterior lateral surface
  25. Serratus Anterior IA
    • I: Anterior aspect of the vertebral border of scapula
    • A: Protracted scapula and rotates scapula laterally
  26. Deltoid A
    • Anterior Head: Adducts, flex, and medial rot humerus
    • Lateral Head: Abducts humerus past 30 degrees
    • Posterior Head: Abducts, extends, and lateral rotates humerus
  27. Deltoid O
    • Anterior head: Lateral 1/3 of clavicle
    • Lateral head: Acromion process
    • Posterior: Spine of scapula
  28. Deltoid I
    Deltoid tuberosity of humerus
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