Soc 001

  1. Nuclear Family
    Central Family; Family unit composed of one or two parents and their children
  2. Extended Family
    Nuclear family and other kin
  3. Reproduction
    Replace dying members of socitey with new members in an ORDERLY fashion
  4. Exogamy
    Cultural norm in which people marry outside a particular group
  5. Incest taboo
    Informal rules about not having sex with people who are related to you
  6. Endogamy
    Cultural norm in which people marry inside a particular group
  7. Socialization
    Families are the primary vehicle of socialization for children (languages, gender roles, etc)
  8. Protection, affection, and companionship
    Families provide essential economic and emotional support its members
  9. Social placement
    Families provide ascribed statues, which place children in various social hierarchies from birth
  10. Ascribed status
    Involuntary (children don't have a choice about what postion they're born into)

    E.g. Race and gender
  11. Achieved status
    Social postions that individuals "voluntarily" choose

    E.g. Jobs, education, etc
  12. (Often) chaotic misery
    Endless boring labor

    E.g. dirty dishes, kids' demands, laundry
  13. "Cult of efficiency" goes home
    Speed-up with household technologies that increases expectations but does not reduce labor (time-regimentation)
  14. Outsourcing
    Dump family and home demands onto others (pay others to parent, clean, cook; paying babysitter)
  15. Sociability
    Friends are at work
  16. Empowering
    Workers are given autonomy and control over the job (feel responsible)
  17. Homophily
    People tend to interact with other people who are like them
  18. Homogamy
    Becoming attracted to and marrying someone who is similar to yourself
  19. Education
    The social institution through which society provides its members with important knowledge
  20. Education - Socialization
    Schools provide the specialized knowledge that's necessary to get a job and maintain the household
  21. Cultural innovation
    Schools also create culture via research
  22. Social integration
    Schools bring together and unify diverse populations
  23. Social placement
    Schools identify and develop talent in students, which helps place students in social sturcture.
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