World History Greek Terms

  1. Aegean

    C. Sea, wine dark
  2. Aeschylus

    B. Tragic playwrite, why important, plays still today
  3. Alexander the Great

    B. leader, conquered many places, empire based on greek tradition
  4. Archons

    B. Rulers elected 1 year
  5. Aristophanes

    B. Comic playwrite
  6. Aristocracy

    B. High people (Philosophers) lead
  7. Aristotle

    C. Logic and reasoning
  8. Acropolis

    A. High point of city-state
  9. Athens

    B. Known for democracy
  10. Battle of Marathon

    B. First Persian invasion, 1st battle of persian war (Athenians won), 26 mile marathon
  11. Battle of Platae

    C. final battle of persian wars, persians gave up.
  12. Battle of salamis

    B. Greeks lured Persian ships into marrow strait of Salamis, Greeks won part of Persian war
  13. Battle of Thermopolai

    C. Battle where Sparta gathered at mountain pass at Thermopalae to buy time for Greek defense, Sparta and Greek polises united, helped win war
  14. Cleisthenes

    C. established direct democracy, DEMOCRACY
  15. Cnossus

    A. City in Crete, many aspects of Minoan life was excavated, beginning of life in Greece
  16. Crete

    A. Island of Minoans, beginning of civilization
  17. Draco

    A. Tyrant known for harsh laws,
  18. Euripides

    A. Tragic Playwrite, plays today
  19. Hellenes

    B. Greeks... Names?
  20. Hellenic Era

    A. During Alexander the Great.... Rise of Empire
  21. Hellenistic Era

    A. After Alexander the Great
  22. Herodotus

    B. Father of History.. History!
  23. Hipporcrates

    A. Father of Medicine... MEDICINE!
  24. Homer

    A. Author of Iliad/Odyssey,
  25. Iliad/Odyssey

    C. Trojan War/ Journey after Trojan war... Poems
  26. Mediterranean

    B. Sea South of Athens... south of athens...
  27. Metics

    B. Aliens... Athenians not from Athens... ??
  28. Minoans

    C. 1st Greek Civilization.... First Greek Civilization
  29. Mycenaean

    B. Conquered the Minoans... 2nd civlilization
  30. Parthenon

    A. Most famous temple... ??
  31. Pedagogue

    A. Teacher.... teacher
  32. Peisistratus

    C. Tyrant, seized power by force, claimed to rule of good of people, pushed aristrocasts out of office, increased trade....
  33. Peloponnesian War

    C. war Between Sparta and Athens...??
  34. Peloponnesus

    A. Peninsula... location of peloponnesian war
  35. Pericles

    C. Golden age, Height of Athenian democracy... Height of Athenian democracy
  36. Persain War

    C. War between Persia and Greek city-states.. war..
  37. Phidias

    B. Sculptures of Athena and Zeus... Sculptures still today??
  38. Plato

    B. Philosopher.. philosophers should lead....
  39. Polis

    C. city state... city state
  40. Pythagorus

    B. Philosopher... math and science.. Pythagrium theorem
  41. Rhetoric

    A. Study of speech and debate
  42. Sir Arthur Evans

    B. Discoved the Minoans (Crete) .... discovered Minoans
  43. Socrates

    B. Philosopher.. answering questions with questions.... socratic method
  44. Solon

    A. outlawed slavery... outlawed slavery :)
  45. Sophocles

    C. Tragic playwrite.... plays today
  46. Sparta

    C. Strong military (dictatorship)...?
  47. Thucydides

    C. Historian... Pelopennesian War.... History
  48. Trojan War

    C. War between Greeks and troy.... ?? May not be real
  49. Troy

    B. Location of Trojan war.... Location
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