Jazz Final Q2

  1. Which of the following was NOT a major bandleader of the swing era?
    Charlie Parker
  2. In which major city did Fletcher Henderson and Paul Whiteman develop the early big bands?
    New York
  3. Saxophonist ____ was the best known of Ellington's sideman.
    Johnny Hodges
  4. ______ was a Belgian Gypsy guitarist who was based in France, played mostly within Europe, and visited America only once, yet was held in high esteem by American guitarists.
    Django Reinhardt
  5. The "father" of the jazz tenor saxopone is ____.
    Coleman Hawkins
  6. Count Basie's guitarist Freddie Green is known for his _____.
    crisp, steady strokes and coordination with the Basie rhythm section
  7. Jazz's most prolific composer is ____.
    Duke Ellington
  8. Which bandleader established big bands in the military during WWII?
    Glenn Miller
  9. Which musician(s) performed in the first interracial jazz group?
    • Benny Goodman
    • Lionel Hampton
    • Charlie Christian
  10. Dizzy Gillespie _____.
    • is a founding father of bebop
    • led one of the most important bebop big bands
    • was a central figure in developing Afro-Cuban jazz
  11. "Misterio" was written by _____.
    Thelonious Monk
  12. Which white bandleader had the most commercial success and established the first interracial jazz group during the swing era?
    Benny Goodman
  13. Errol Garner developed an individualistic piano style in a trio setting, outside of the traditional stride style. True or False?
  14. Name a bebop drummer.
    Kenny Clarke
  15. Stan Kenton's big band performed music intended for listening, which featured lots of mood/tempo changes, dissonance, and heavy brass. He called his style of music ____.
    progressive jazz
  16. Art Tatum is considered the best stride pianist in jazz history. True or False?
  17. _____ was dubbed the "King of Swing."
    Benny Goodman
  18. What style of jazz did Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gllespie innovate?
  19. What instrument did Thelonious Monk play?
  20. Oscar Pettiford was an influential bebop drummer. True or False?
  21. "Mood Indigo," Harlem Air Shaft," and "Black, Brown, and Beige" are all works by _______.
    Duke Ellington
  22. Who are the Three Jazz Divas discussed in class?
    • Billie Holiday
    • Ella Fitzgerald
    • Sarah Vaughn
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