1. What is the Sonny Bono Law?
    • Added 20 years to all copyrights
    • Life of author plus 70 years
  2. What does the FTC regulate?
  3. What are some things that cannot be copyrighted?
    • Ideas
    • Stock Literary Devices
    • Facts
    • Procedures
  4. What is a Turnaround Clause?
    any time you can't get a deal together so you start over and can go to other studios
  5. What is Pay or Play?
    For actors, they must be paid even if the film is shut down
  6. What licenses are needed for having recorded music in a movie?
    • Master License
    • Syncronization License
  7. What MUST be stapled to a contract with a loan out company?
    an Inducement agreement
  8. What MUST be stapled to an option agreement?
    a Purchase agreement
  9. What is a right of last refusal?
    An offer to match what another party would pay for a sequel
  10. What are the 3 Music Licensing Organizations?
    • ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers)
    • BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.)
    • SESAC (Society of European Stage Authors and Composers)
  11. What are PEG channels on a cable system?
    Public Education and Government channels
  12. What do E&O insurers check for?
    • Libel
    • Copyright
    • Right of Publicity
  13. What is WTO?
    • World Trade Organization
    • regulates GATT
  14. What is GATT?
    • General Agreement on Tariff and Trade
    • Regulates international trade
  15. What is ITU?
    International Telecommunications Union
  16. What is WIPO?
    • World Intellectual Property Organization
    • Must provide same protection to foreigners as to own nationals
  17. What is DG 10?
    • Directorate General 10
    • Regulates Broadcast for the EU
  18. What is BATAN?
    Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreemenet
  19. What is Puffery in Advertising?
    Normal exaggeration that does not create a false impression
  20. What is Syndex?
    When a station has something exclusively in 1 market and the cable company must block out any channel airring that show
  21. What is Housekeeping?
    Has an office on the lot but is not on salary
  22. What is the Copyright Royalty Tribunal?
    Collects Money from cable and distributes to copyright holders
  23. Who wants Applicable?
    Producers - takes money out of the original deal
  24. Who wants Non-Appicable?
    Writers- does not take money out of the original deal
  25. What are Mechanicals?
    License to make copies (MUST HAVE!)
  26. Where do you get Mechanicals?
    Harry Fox Agency
  27. Who owns anything created by a work for hire? and for how long?
    • The company
    • 95 years from publication
    • 120 years from creation
  28. Can you copyright a theme?
  29. Can Superman be copyrighted?
  30. What are some criteria for Fair Use under copyright?
    • Not for Profit
    • Nature of Work
    • Amount used
    • Effect on market for original
  31. What did the Communications Act of 1996 do?
    • Deregulation
    • Ok to refuse leased access for obscenity
    • Scramble of block adult programming except in Safe Harbor Hours
  32. When are Safe Harbor Hours?
  33. What are the rights of the owner?
    • Reproduce
    • Derivative Works
    • Sell Copies
    • Perform
    • Colorize
  34. What happens if Infringe?
    • -Criminal
    • -Injunction
    • -Destruction
    • -Damages
  35. Can you copyright conversations?
    No, unless recorded or written down
  36. How to protect a trademark/servicemark?
    • Notify broadcasters/publishers of intent to protect
    • "The Nasty Letter"
    • Mark Notification
    • Registration
  37. What is the Council of Europe?
    Culture Preservation
  38. What is EU-TV?
    Require broadcasters to promote local culture
  39. What is IntelSat?
    International consortia to build an international satellite network
  40. What is the Space Charter?
    • Free and open to all
    • Use only for peacful purposes
    • Launching states retain liability for damage caused by launches
  41. What is the Central Hudson Test?
    • Legal Product/Not Misleading
    • Substantial Government Interest
    • Be Effective
    • Not broader than necessary
  42. What is Deceptive?
    • False Representation
    • Of a Material Fact
    • Tendency to Mislead consumers
    • Based on Entire Ad
    • Does NOT have to actually mislead anyone
  43. What is an exclusive deal?
    Can't work for other studios while being payed by certain studio
  44. What is a first look deal?
    Certain studio gets first chance with your idea but if they pass you can go to others
  45. Do you want Gross or Net?
  46. What are the 3 C's
    • Credit
    • Compensation
    • Control
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