urinary system

  1. functions of the urinay system
    • 1. filters the blood to remove waste
    • 2. homeostasis
    • 3.transports and eliminates urine
    • 4. influence blood pressue
  2. kidney
    • location: retroperitoneal
    • renal vein and artery are attached at the hillum
    • function: filters the blood being sent back to the heart
  3. ureters
    • connects the kidneys to the urinary bladder
    • pushes urine down using peristalic movements
  4. urinary bladder
    holds and stores urine until appropriate time for mactrition
  5. urethra
    carries the urine from the urinary bladder to the outside enviorment.
  6. blood supply from kidney - renal artery- Not taken into loops
    segmental arteries- interlobar arteries- arcuate arteries- interlobular arteries- afferent arteriolies- glomerulus- bowmans capsule- effernt arteriolies- peritubular capillary bed- interlobular veins- acurate veins- interlobar veins- renal veins-(drain- into the IVC)
  7. nephron
    afferent arteriolies- glomerulus- bowmans capsule- PCT- Loop of Henle- DCT- collecting duct- papillary duct- minor calyces- major calyces- renal pelvis- ureter
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