1. Paraphilia
    A disorder in which an atypical object, ritual, or situation is preferred or necessary for sexual arousal.

    Examples: Fetishism, Sadism and Masochism, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Transvestites.
  2. Gender Identity Disorder
    • - The child desires to be, or feels he/she is, of the opposite sex.
    • - There is persistent discomfort about the actual, biological sex (called "gender dysphoria").
  3. Transsexualism
    Gender Identity Disorder that lasts into adulthood can turn into transexualism. The adult undergoes a sex change.

    Two kinds:

    Homosexual transsexuals are feminine gay men who want to change their sex (become females who then have sex with males).

    Autogynephilic transsexuals
    who are not feminine in behavior and may report sexual attraction to men, women, both, or neither, but are driven by the arousal they feel at the thought of being a woman.
  4. Repressed memory syndrome and False memory syndrome
    Controversy about whether memories that have resurfaced in adulthood are real (which can definitely happen) or false (which can also happen)
  5. Erotophobia
    Learned negative reaction to or attitude about sexual activity, perhaps developed as a result of a negative or even tramatic event.
  6. Frotteurism
    Paraphilia in which the person gains sexual gratification by rubbing agains unwilling victims in crowds from which they cannot escape.
  7. Plateau phase and Resolution phase
    Brief time period immediately before orgasm and decrease in sexual arousal after orgasm
  8. Sex reassignment surgery
    Sex change surgery
  9. dyspareunia
    Severe pain during intercourse.
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