Asia part 1

  1. 7 economic tigers
    Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand
  2. What is an archipelago?
    a series of islands
  3. How many islands make up Japan?
    • 4 large islands
    • 3 small ones?
  4. How would you compare the length of Japan to the US?
    The bottom most island would be Florida and the top most island would be Maine
  5. What is the size of Japan?
    about the size of the 13 original colonies
  6. How much of Japan is made up of mountains?
    about 4/5
  7. What is Japan leading the development in?
    Ocean development
  8. What percentage of Japan is usable farm land?
  9. What percent of Japenese land is terracing?
    3% used for rice patties
  10. What is the term for growing more than one thing in the same area at the same time?
  11. What is an example of intercropping in Japan
    they have rice patties minnows grow in the water in the pattiessweet potatos are grown on the dikes that hold the water in for the patties
  12. What has Taiwan placed in the world of economics for the last 25 years?
    between 4th-7th
  13. Between which two countries has our debt back and forth?
    • China
    • Japan
  14. Who are the older people in Japan?
    the Inu people of the north
  15. Which Asian country does not have a lot of ancient history?
  16. What is the realistic date of how old Japan is?
    1660 BC
  17. Where did Japan get its people from?
    people came over from the Asian countries by Korea
  18. Who did the Japanese claim was their first emporer?
    the son of the sun goddess, Jimmu Tenno
  19. What is the symbol on the Japanese flag?
    the rising sun
  20. What do the Japanese claim they have the longest of?
    the longest line of a royal family
  21. What happened in Japan from 600-700 AD?
    there was a huge change in military leadership
  22. Why couldn't they kill the Japanese royal family?
    because they believed they were gods
  23. who was the leader of the military take-over?
    Shogun general Isima
  24. What were Japanese military soldiers called?
  25. What did the Japanese do with the royal family since they couldn't kill them?
    they basically put them house arrest in their palaces
  26. During the time of the shoguns Japan was a lot like what other era?
    the midevil times
  27. What era of Europe did the Japanese really get scared of and therefore shut themselves off to the world?
    the age of exploration
  28. What religious group showed up in Japan?
    • the roman catholics
    • jesuits
  29. How many Japanese converts were there gestimated?
  30. What traditional Japanese religion did the Japanese converts affect?
  31. When was Japan first closed off to the rest of the world?
  32. What 2 things were not allowed to happen in Japan during the time it was cut off from the rest of the world?
    no ship could be made to handle the high seasno ship could come into port
  33. What was the one ship that was allowed to come into the Nagasaki port in Japan?
    the Black ship from the Netherlands
  34. When did Japan finally open up again?
  35. What import era had take place while Japan was closed off?
    the industrial revolution
  36. What bay did comador Perry sail up to to demand Japan to open up?
    Edo Bay (tokyo)
  37. How long did comador Perry give Japan time to decide to open up?
    • 1 year
    • but he came back in 9 months
  38. How many ships did comador Perry bring with him when he came back to Japan?
    6 ships
  39. After the Japanese military leaders lost face who took over?
    young people and it was called the Meigi Restoration
  40. What did the Meigi restoration do?
    they took out the shoguns and brought the royal family back
  41. What is Japanese legislature called today?
    diet, like Germany
  42. When did the US become a world power?
    after WWI
  43. Who did Japan copy for their politics and army?
  44. Who did Japan copy for their Navy?
  45. What 2 cabinet members did the Japanese prime minister not get to pick?
    • head of the army
    • head of the navy
  46. what happens if the cabinet is not filled?
    the government collapses and they have to start over
  47. in 1895 the Japanese went after the Chinese in what war?
    Sino-Japanese war
  48. What land did Japan take in the Sino-Japanese war?
    • Manchuria
    • some other coastal regions
  49. in 1905-1906 Japan took on the Russians in what war?
    the Russo-Japanese war
  50. What country did Japan take on in 1910?
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