Lukumi/Yoruba Religion in Cuba

  1. Santeria
    • Cuban religious tradition that originated among people of West Africa and has spread around the world.
    • Means "way of the saints"
    • Way of venerating Yoruba spirits similar to Catholic saints.
  2. Yoruba
    Tribes of African slaves living in Cuba
  3. Lukumi
    The name that they came to be called, after an old name for Oyo.
  4. Slavery in Cuba
    • Genocide of the Indigenous
    • Slave population in Cuba
    • 1886 abolishment of slavery
  5. Cabildos
    • Religious brotherhoods
    • Tribal nation
    • Baile
    • Feast days and processions: Los Reyes Magos
    • Catholic images
  6. Priesthood
    • Orula: the patron of divination
    • individual spirits: Orichas
  7. Babalaos
    • Priest of Orula
    • means "the fathers of the mystery"
    • trained to divine the devotees by means of an ancient oracle named Ifa
  8. La Regla de Ocha
    • Mix of Yoruba religion, Catholicism, and Espiritismo (Spiritism)
    • Olodumare
    • Ashe
  9. The Orishas
    • Supernatural beings or spirits
    • Objects of worship with shrines and priesthood
    • Child of an orisha
    • Orishas in cabildos
  10. Chango
    • Yoruba king who was deified
    • Storms and lightning
    • St. Barbara (associated with storms)
  11. Oshun
    • Goddes of love, fertility, and marriage
    • Associated with rivers
    • Our Lady of Charity
  12. Babluaye
    • Compassionated old man
    • heal serious bodily infection
    • St. Lazarus
  13. Religious practices
    • Spirit possession, drumming
    • Animal sacrifice
    • Divination
    • Home altars
    • Spells
    • House religion
  14. Initiation
    performed by a priest or Santero/a
  15. Babalowo
    • High priests
    • Only men could become bablowo, but it is slowly changing
  16. Dissimulation
    Hiding religious practices behind "masks"
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