Ocular Drugs

  1. Cholinergic agents (Mitotics)
    • Carbachol (MIOSTAT, ISOPTO CARBACHOL etc.)
    • Pilocarpine (AKARPINE, PILOCAR, PILOSTAT etc.)
  2. Indication
    • Pilocarpine and carbachol are used to treat glaucoma. Carbachol and
    • acetylcholine are designated for intraocular use for miosis in surgery.
    • Mean reductions in IOP of 20 – 30%.
  3. MoA
    • Contraction of the ciliary muscles are mediated by muscarinic
    • cholinomimetic agents. Contraction of the ciliary muscles puts tension on
    • the trabecular meshwork, opening its pores and facilitate outflow of the
    • aqueous humor into the canal of Schlemm. This increased outflow
    • reduces intraocular pressure and thus muscarinic cholinomimetics are
    • useful agents to treat glaucoma.
  4. SEs
    • Ciliary muscle spasm with resultant brow ache and induced myopia,
    • headaches can occur from the iris and ciliary body contraction, pupillary
    • constriction, blurred vision, cataract formation, sweating, headache,
    • tremor, excess saliva production, diarrhea,abdominal cramps and nausea.
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Ocular Drugs
Ocular Drugs