Med Terms CH.11

  1. albuminuria
    test for protien in urine
  2. anuresis
    can't pass urine
  3. azotemia
    high levels of urea
  4. bacteriuria
    bacteria in urine
  5. diuresis
    excessive discharge of urine
  6. dysuria
    pain while uriniating
  7. glycosuria
    sugar in urine
  8. hematuria
    blood in urine
  9. ketonuria
    ketone in urine
  10. nocturia
    pee at night
  11. oliguria
    reduced urination
  12. polyurea
    too much peeing
  13. protienuria
    protien in urine
  14. pyuria
    Pus in urine
  15. cytitis
    inflammed bladder
  16. cystocele
    heriation of bladder
  17. cystolith
    stone in bladder
  18. enuresis
    involuntary release of urine
  19. epispadias
    abnormal position of urinary meatus
  20. glomerulonephritis
    inflammamed glomeruli
  21. hydronephrosis
    distention of the renal pelvis
  22. hypospadias
    ventral urinary meatus
  23. incontinence
    can't control urination
  24. nephritis
    inflammed kidney
  25. nephoblastoma
    tumor in kidney
  26. nephrolithiasis
    stones in kidney
  27. nephroma
    tumor in kidney
  28. nephromegaly
    abnormal enlargement of kidney
  29. neproptosis
    dropping of kidney
  30. polycystic
    cysts in kidney
  31. pyelitis
    inflammation of renal pelvis
  32. pyelonephritis
    inflammed renal pelvis and nephrons
  33. strictures
  34. uremia
    excess urea
  35. ureteritis
    inflammed ureter
  36. ureterolithiasis
    stones in ureter
  37. urinary retention
    accumilation of urine in bladder
  38. urinary suppresion
    stopage of urine
  39. blood urea nitrogen
    test measures urea levels in blood
  40. creatinine
    component in kidneys from muscle metabolism
  41. cystectomy
    removal or bladder
  42. cystogram
    xray of bladder
  43. cystourethogram
    xray of bladder and urethra
  44. cystolithotomy
    repair of bladder
  45. cystorrhaphy
    suturing of bladder
  46. cystoscopy
    endoscope to view inside of bladder
  47. cystostomy
    surgical opening into bladder
  48. cystomy
    incision through bladder wall
  49. fuluration
    procedure taht destroys tissue
  50. hemodialysis
    filter blood
  51. lithotripsy
    sound to dissolve stones
  52. nephrectomy
    remove kidney
  53. nephrogram
    xray of kidney
  54. nephrology
    studies and treats kidneys
  55. nephrolysis
    adnormal adhesions are removed from kidney
  56. nephropexy
    fixation of kidney
  57. neproscopy
    viewing of kidney neprhons
  58. nephrosonography
    ultrasound of kidney
  59. neprhostomy
    cut into body to the kidney
  60. nephrotomogram
    sectional xrays of kidney
  61. peritoneal dialysis
    processes fluids from peritoneal cavity; cleanses, repleaces kidney
  62. pyelogram
    xray of renal pelvis
  63. pyelithtotomy
    removal of stone from renal pelvis
  64. pyeloplasty
    repair of renal pelvis
  65. renal transplant
    replacement of kidney
  66. renography
    radioactive matarial used to make image of kidney
  67. specific gravity
    measure of density in fluid similar to water
  68. ureterectomy
    removal of ureter
  69. ureterostomy
    opening from the ureter to body surface
  70. ureterstomy
    incision in body of ureter
  71. urethropexy
    repair of ureter
  72. urethrostomy
    surgical opening through urethra
  73. urethrotomy
    incision into wall of urethra
  74. urinalysis
    test urine
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