Physics quiz 12

  1. Specific gravity has units of
    it is dimensionless
  2. When the speed of a fluid in a pipe increases,
    the pressure ____.
  3. The buoyant force on a submerged object depends on the shape of the object.
  4. The buoyant force on a solid object placed in a liquid is always equal to
    weight of the liquid displaced
  5. In order to obtain a large pressure you must
    have a large force.
  6. Water flows through a wide pipe at point A and into a narrow pipe at point B. Water squirts
    upward from leaks at both points. The
    squirt is highest at point
  7. The hydraulic lift is an application of
    Pascal’s principle
  8. The pressure at the bottom of a filled glass of water (ρ= 1000 kg/m3) is P. The water is
    poured out and the glass is filled with ethyl alcohol
    (ρ = 806 kg/m3). What is the pressure at the
    bottom of the glass?
    smaller than P
  9. An apple is held completely submerged just below the surface of a container of water. The apple is then moved to a deeper point in the water. Compared with the force needed to hold the apple just below the surface, what is the force needed to hold it at a deeper point?
  10. The water in each of three vessels of different shapes has the same weight. Rank the pressures on the bottoms of the vessels from highest to lowest.
    B A C
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