Theatre Appreciation final

  1. Collaboration
    Working together to acheive a goal
  2. Arthur Miller
    Death of a Salesman and The Crucible
  3. Lorraine Hansberry
    A raisin in the sun
  4. Lillian Hellman
    • Family owned "Hellman's Mayonaise"
    • Plays exposed capitolism
  5. Marsha Norman
    • The Secret Garden
    • Wrote happy stuff as well as psycho stuff
  6. Wendy Wasserstein
    Hired by Seattle Repatory Theatre as "Playwright in Residence". she was payed a salary
  7. Amiri Baraka
    • Formed "Black Horizon's Theatre"
    • Was Poet Lauret for the State of New Jersey
  8. August Wilson
    • Plays explained black experience in America in each decade of the 20th Century
    • Fences
  9. Neil Simon
    • Most Successful playwright of the 20th century
    • Everything he wrote was a comedy
  10. Producer
    Could be 1 or many people. money behind shows
  11. David Mamet
    • "Death of Language"
    • Mikes Favorite
  12. Showboat
    First musical where songs became part of plot
  13. David Merrick
    • Best "success rate" producer
    • developed the publicity stunt
  14. Steven Sondheim
    Wrote the word to "West Side Story"
  15. Rodgers and Hammerstein
    "the king and I" "The sound of music" all were very successful
  16. Andrew Loyd Webber
    • "Jesus Christ Superstar"
    • Best known international playwright
  17. Sam Shepard
    • Helped develop "Black Comedy"
    • Doesn't believe in editting
  18. Tom Stoppard
    Most of his plays were based on actual events in history or literature
  19. Robert Wilson
    Developed "post-modernism". assault on the senses. blue man group. music video. autistic people reacted to multiple stimulous
  20. 3 Basic Tenets of the Existential movement
    • 1) Denied existence of God
    • 2) Questioned validity of fixed standards of conduct
    • 3) Rejected the possibility of veriviable moral code
  21. 3 main beliefs of George Bernard Shaw
    • 1) a Lifeforce
    • 2) Creative Evolution
    • 3) a superman
  22. 4 types of stage configurations
    • 1) Proscenium
    • 2) Thrust
    • 3) Arena
    • 4) Multi-Form
  23. 2 Types of musical Theatre
    • 1) Integrated Musical - where the music is integrated into the story line
    • 2) Concept Musical - where the music is based on some overriding theme
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