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  1. What is true concerning presidential selection and tenure?
    Impeachment has led to the removal of two presidents.
  2. True or false: The American public tends to expect presidents to be powerful while disliking a concentration of power.
  3. The ability to nominate ambassadors, who are to be approved by a majority of the Senate, falls into what category of presidential powers?
    National security powers.
  4. True or false: Political scientists and historians have consistently supported a strong presidency model beginning with the latter half of the twentieth century.
  5. What statement best describes the role of the vice president today?
    The vice president's main job is to play a central role in administration policy and advising.
  6. True or false: The First Lady fulfills an official government position at the side of her husband.
  7. What is NOT true about changes in Congress in presidential election years from 1952 and 2008?
    The president's party made significant gains when the president was reelected.
  8. True or false: Merely winning the election provides presidents with a governing mandate.
  9. Executive agreements require...
    Any ratification by Congress or support by the Cabinet.
  10. True or false: The War Powers Resolution has succeeded in giving Congress a greater voice in the introduction of American troops into hostilities.
    False, the law was deemed unconstitutional and is generally ignored by all presidents.
  11. What is true regarding presidents' mobilization of the public?
    Presidents are rarely supportive mobilizing the public.
  12. True or false: Presidential approval ratings mainly reflect the public's views of the president's personality.
  13. What is a statement concerning presidential news coverage that is true?
    The press tends to emphasize the superficial in its coverage of the presidency.
  14. True or false: The White House is effective in controlling the environment in which the president meets the press.
  15. A bill that is vetoed by the President...
    can become law if Congress overrides the veto.
  16. What are statements that accurately describe a step in the process of removing a President from office?
    • 1. The accused President is tried by the Senate.
    • 2. The House of Representatives votes to impeach the president.
    • 3. A two-thirds vote in the Senate is required to remove the President from office.
  17. The War Powers Resolution (assuming its constitutionality) checks the president's power by...
    Requiring troops to be withdrawin in 60 days unless Congress declares war or issues an extension.
  18. How do presidents attempt to influence policymaking?
    • 1. Appealing directly to the public for support.
    • 2. Offering favors such as backing during re-election.
    • 3. Exchanging support for policies with representatives.
    • 4. Building coalitions among party members.
  19. What task falls to the vice President?
    Presiding over the Senate.
  20. What factor is the greatest influence on a citizen's approval of the President?
    The citizen's party affiliation.
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