Radiology Final Exam

  1. Describe quality care from the patient's perspective.
    • Quality care is quality customer service. The way the staff interacts
    • with the patients is a very important factor in quality care. Every
    • patient want to feel like they are given top priority and the best
    • service possible.
  2. What is the main difference between inside and outside customers?
    Inside customers are people from other departments such as nurses, co-workers, and so on. Outside customers are patients and their families.
  3. List Maslow's hierachy of human needs.
    *food, shelter, clothing and will to reproduce*safety*love*satisfying relationship*creativity, self-expression and achievement
  4. When did Roentgen produce hisfirst x-ray?
    Roentgen produced his first X-ray on November 8, 1895.
  5. Which country developed the first inoculation against smallpox?
  6. Who was the father of anatomy?
    Andrea Verselaus
  7. What did Gabriel D Farenheit develop?
    a instrument used to measure temperature
  8. Name the top 2 leading causes of death in the US.
    Cancer and heart dieases
  9. What did Marie Curie do during World War I?
    • Marie Curie developed mobile radiographic units for military medical
    • services. She also trained the soldiers on how to use them and taught
    • classes.
  10. Why did Thomas Edison quit experiments on fluoroscopy radiation?
    One of Thomas Edison's assistants, Clarence Madison suffered from severe radiation damage from a result of the work.
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