elizabethan vocab pt.2

  1. apparition
  2. valiant
    boldy courageous; brave
  3. patent
    powerful; mighty
  4. agitation
    the act of process of agitating
  5. vanquish
    to conquer or subdue by superior force
  6. perturbation
    mental disquiet, disturbance or agitation
  7. tidings
    news, information or intelligence
  8. reconcile
    to compose or settle a quarrel or dispute
  9. diminutive
    small, tiny
  10. abjure
    to renounce or give up under oath
  11. laudable
    deserving praise; commendable
  12. credulous
    willing to believe or trust too readily; gullible
  13. treacherous
    deceptive; untrustworthy; reliable
  14. perserverance
    steady persistance in a course of action
  15. tyranny
    undue severity or harshness
  16. clamor
    a loud uproar
  17. rue
    to feel sorrow over; repent of
  18. malevolence
    ill will; malice; hatred
  19. cleave
    to adhere closely; stick; cling
  20. palpable
    readily or plainly seen,heard or percieved
  21. tedious
    long and tiresome
  22. infirmity
    a physical weakness or ailment
  23. knell
    the sound made by a bell rung slowly
  24. jocund
    cheerfully; merry
  25. surfeited
    an excess amount
  26. assailable
    to attack violently
  27. appalls
    to fill or overcome with horror
  28. affliction
    a state or pain, grief; misery
  29. invested
    to furnish with power, authority or rank
  30. malice
    to desire to inflict, injury, harm or suffering on another
  31. incensed
    to get angry
  32. valor
    boldness or determination in facing great danger; heroic courage
  33. rebuked
    to express sharp, stern disapproval of
  34. gainsay
    to deny; dispute; or contradict
  35. discretion
    freedom of judgement or choice
  36. masque
    a dramatic composition for such entertainment
  37. allegory
    a symbolic narrative
  38. delude
    to decieve
  39. vulgar
    crude; coarse or undefined
  40. intemperance
  41. direness
    urgent, desperate
  42. distilled
  43. discourse
  44. lechery
  45. largess
    generous bestowal of gifts
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