reforming gov.

  1. 17th amendment:
    direct election of senators
  2. allowed voters to remove an offical before term was finished
  3. party members choose their candidates
    primary system
  4. secret ballot was called
    australian style
  5. voters have power to propose a bill
  6. voters can vote on a bill; veto
  7. this board elected by the ppl to run the city
    city commission
  8. hired by comission to deal with everyday issues
    city manager
  9. who came up with the golden rule?
    sam jones
  10. who is sam jones?
    • -wealthy oil drilling manufacturer
    • -mayor of toledo, ohio
  11. mayor of cleveland, oh
    tom johnson
  12. governor of wisconsin
    robert la follette
  13. he proposed:
    wisconsin idea, the 1st state income tax
  14. mckinley's achievements:
    • -victory in spanish american war
    • -gold rush in klondike alaska
    • -US gained lands
  15. republican plan:
    limit roosevelt's power making him vice president so mckinley could get more votes
  16. mckinely was assassinated by
    anarchist, leon czolgosz in buffalo, ny
  17. TR pushed for
    conservation (presrvation and wise use of nation's national resources)
  18. john muir -
    • -scottish immigrant
    • -leader in conservation movement
    • -founded sierra club
  19. TR's square deal was
    his goal to work for ppl's needs - to do wahts right n fair
  20. breaking up bad trusts
  21. this act barred railroads from giving refunds
    elkins act
  22. act that gave gov. the right to cut railroad rates
    hepburn act
  23. what happened in mt. carmel, pa?
    coal strikes n owners called to white house and refuse to compromise. TR threatens to take over coal mines
  24. waht act joined the war on drugs?
    harrision narcotic act
  25. upton sinclair -
    • -the jungle
    • -muckracker
    • -novel lead to meat inspection act
  26. 2 acts that past food -
    meat inspection and pure food and drug act
  27. TR's secretary of war
    william taff
  28. taff -
    • -cincinnati law school
    • -gov. of phillipines
    • -stuck in whtie house bathtub
    • -started baseball's 1st pitch and 7th inning stretch
    • -titanic sunk while in office
  29. this act increased power of interstate commerce commission and regulated telephones
    manns-elkins act
  30. 16th amendment:
    income tax
  31. department of labor -
    farmed after the needs of workers
  32. payne aldrick tarriff -
    taft's failure when he sends low tarriff thru senate which is returned to taft as a high tariff
  33. reclamation -
    process of making damaged land productive again
  34. joe cannon -
    • -old guard speaker of the house
    • -standpatter
    • -blocked many bills
  35. TR's return, he pushed for --
    new nationalism (goal to promote more liberal reforms to the square deal
  36. TR splits republican party and forms:
    bull moose party
  37. TR's assassinatinor was:
    john shrank in wisconsin
  38. democrats nominated __ who pushed for protection of small businesses called ____
    • -woodrow wilson
    • -new freedom
  39. this tariff spelled out clear terms what corporations couldnt do
    clayton antitrust
  40. federal trade commission -
    improved bureau of corporations
  41. 1st tariff to lower rates since the civil war and included an income tax to make up for lost revenue
    -underwood tariff
  42. john spargo wrote
    the bitter cry of the children
  43. this act prevented goods produced by children from moving across state lines
    -keating owen child labor act
  44. the keating owen child labor act declared _
    unconstitutional bc it stopped commerce
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