Comp Vert Comparative Heart Anatomy and Mammalian Heart

  1. Fish Heart
    • Single Pass, Unidirectinal Pump
    • 4 Chambers:
    • Sinus Venosus, Atrium, Ventricle, Conus Arteriosus
  2. Fish Heart Chambers
    • Sinus Venosus-
    • thin walled sac
    • Vein like
    • Recieves deoxygenated blood-Common Cardinal and Hepatic Veins
    • Sinoatrial Value
    • Atrium -Thicker walls, Atrioventricular Valve
    • Ventricle -Major Blood Pump, Thickest Walls
    • Conus Arteriosus
    • Semilunar Valves
    • Extends Cranially as Ventral Aorta
  3. Amphibian Heart Number of Atrium and Ventricle
    • Divided Atrium
    • Single Ventricle
  4. Amphibian Heart Divided Atrium
    • Divided Partially in LungFish
    • Completly in Amphibians
    • Right Atrium recieved DEOXYGENATED systemic blood
    • Left Atrium recieves OXYGENATED pulmonary blood via pulmonary veins
    • Atrial Walls have trabeculae (Muscular folds) that help to direct the blood
  5. Amphibian Heart: Single Ventricle
    • Recieves both DEOXYGENATED AND OXYGENATED blood from right atrium and
    • Trabecular arrangement of ventricular wall mostly keeps two bloods septerate
    • Blood leave Ventricle via: Trucucs Arteriosus (Subdivided spiral valve), Right ventricle sends ventrally preferentially to pulmonary arteries, Left ventricle sends blood preferentially to head and rest of body
  6. Reptilian Heart
    • Atrium:
    • Completly divided in amphibian
    • Ventricle:
    • Incompletly divided in most reptiles
    • Completly divided in cocodilians
  7. Turtle Heart- Atrium and Ventricle
    • Right atrium recieves deoxygenated systemic blood
    • Left atrium recieves oxygenated pulmonary blood
    • Single Ventricle partly subdivided into left and right chambers
    • Left side= cavum arteriosum
    • Right side=cavum venosum
    • Two sides connected by interventricular canal
    • The right side of the ventricle is further separated by a muscular septum: formes the more central cavum pulmonale
    • The Muscular flap serves as a one-way valve for the interventricular canal
  8. Turtle Heart Blood Flow
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