disabilities psych final

  1. ______ are practices that rapidly gain popularity, gain pervasive use, and then rapidly decline in use (but do not entirely disappear) due to disconfirming research, or more often by the emergence of a new practices.
  2. Reasons that fads develop include (4):
    • do not correct every problem or affect a cure
    • are time consuimg
    • are costly
    • require professional expertise
  3. Reasons why fads are believed (7)
    • support by trusted authorities
    • testimonials
    • A priori belief
    • stressed parents based on emotions
    • the desire for a "magic bullet"
    • attractive or reltable spokesperson
    • loyalty to persons or beliefs
  4. ________ is neither easy to conduct nor quick with absolute facts. ________ does not always deliver the answers that are sought. __________ does save time and energy by moving us away from wishful thinking and focusing in real sitations
  5. _________ ___________ used on intellectually disabled populations also havethe characteristic of having been disconfirmed by scientific research, having no research supporting it, or having supprting research with little scientfic rigor.
    fad therapies
  6. _________ __________ interventions include megavitamin therapy and gluten-free/casein free diets
  7. ________ __________ suggests taht nurtitional deficiencies are involved in autism and large doses of vitamins can correct neurological and immune impairment leading to improvement in behavior
  8. ______ ___________ and casein free diets are based on the theory chidlren with autism have food allergies and removing them from the child's diet produces decreases in inappropriate behavior and increases in speech.
    gluten free
  9. ________ __________ is based on the theory that the autistic child is poisoned is by some heavy metal (lead or mercury) which impairs their functioning. More recently, the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine was believed to cause mercury proven, but was disproven.
    chelation therapy
  10. _________ __________ works by swallowing a mixture that bonds to the lead or mercury which then is flushed from the body.
    chelation therapy
  11. ________ _________ training purports that sensory integration is a neurological process that organizes and interprets sensory input (touch, movement, body awareness, sight, sound, gravity). Problems with this process can caise specific behavioral and emotional problems
    sensory integration
  12. _________ _________ training involves occupational therapists developing and individualized sensory "diet" consisting of tactile stimulation, purposeful movements, weighted vests, and briushing that helps correct the disorder.
    sensory integration
  13. Effects claimed by ________ _______ include increases in self-regulation, focus, cognitive, ability, causes homeostasis, and decreases in self injury.
  14. _______ _______ training is based on the theory that autistic children have auditory hypersensitivities that cause severe behavior and impairs socla and cognitive functioning.
    auditory integration
  15. _______ _________ training uses devices that filter sound frequencies and claim to decrease tactile defensiveness, aggression, and picky eating and increase self image, language, and social skills
    auditory integration
  16. _________ ____________ is a form of assisted typing or spelling that corrects an individuals inability to expressively communicate. The theory behind it is that cognitive functioning is normal and only the ability to communicate is impaired.
    facilitates communication
  17. _________ _______ was debunked by numerous scientific investigations when large numbers of unsubstainsiated abuse claims were made.
    facilitated communication
  18. _________ _________ is based on the thoery that autistic children cannot realte to others in a reciporical fashion. Seeks to move the children through developmental milestones by using child-directed play sessions to increase the social interactions and communication, sensory and motor skills, and train parents and therapists.
    Greenspan's Floortime
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