Area and Perimeter formulas

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  1. Perimeter of a Trapezoid?
    P = a+b+c+d
  2. Area of a Trapezoid?
    A=1/2 h (b1+b2)
  3. Perimeter of a Rectangle?
    P= 2a+2b
  4. Area of a Rectangle?
    A= b x h
  5. Perimeter of a Square?
    P = 4s
  6. Circumference of a Circle?
    C= πd
  7. Area of a Circle?
    A = π2
  8. Perimeter of a Regular Polygon?
    P= s x n(number of sides)
  9. Area of a Regular Polygon?
    A = 1/2 x a x p
  10. Perimeter of a Triangle?
    P= a+b+c
  11. Area of a Triangle?
    A= b x 1/2 x h
  12. Perimeter of a Rhombus?
    P= 4s
  13. Area of a Rhombus?
    A = b x h
  14. Perimeter of a Parallelogram?
    P= 2a + 2b
  15. Area of a Parallelogram?
    A= b x h
  16. Area of a Prism?
    • A = LA + BA
    • LA = p x h
  17. Volume of a Cylinder?
    • V = b x h
    • (b = area of base)
  18. Pi( π)
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