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  1. When consumers purchase a sports drink, they make their selection based on the product's ingredients.
  2. An elementary school teacher purchased a ream of art paper, a box of crayons, and some modeling clay. These products could be classified as either business goods or consumer goods, depending on the teacher's intended use.
  3. Tammy is very conscious of the look she achieves through the use of carefully-selected cosmetics. She spends considerable time comparing the various kinds of cosmetics available and making sure that she always looks her best. For Tammy, makeup is a convenience product.

    Because Tammy puts so much effort into an information search, makeup is better classified as a shopping product.
  4. Kathy considers computer printers to be a heterogeneous shopping product. This means she believes that all printers are basically the same.

    Heterogeneous shopping products are viewed as essentially different. Consumers often have trouble comparing heterogeneous shopping products because the prices, quality, and features vary so much.
  5. Joe Foxhunter makes unique silver jewelry. Loyal customers drive from miles around to buy the jewelry, which is sold only in his workshop. This jewelry is a specialty product.
  6. All of the products sold under the Nabisco brand are referred to as Nabisco's product line.
  7. When marketers increase the depth of their product lines, they are usually going after different market segments
  8. Ocean Spray is known for cranberry juices. When it added Ocean Spray Craisins (dried sweetened cranberries to be eaten like raisins), it was an example of a product mix extension for the company.
  9. The Target discount store's red-and-white "bull's eye" is part of the company's branding strategy.
  10. Brand equity cannot be calculated in monetary terms.
  11. Once a brand has received legal protection for a trademark, it keeps that protection for 20 years.
  12. All Ken's brand salad dressings and marinades are marketed under the Ken's brand name. This is an example of family branding

    Ken's is using a family branding strategy.
  13. State Farm brand corn dogs made with Ballpark brand franks is an example of cooperative branding

    This is an example of ingredient branding.
  14. The most important functions of packaging are to contain and protect products; promote products; facilitate product storage, use, and convenience; and facilitate recycling.
  15. The label on the package of Buddig Premium Ham Slices states that water was added to the product but no MSG. This is an example of informational labeling.
  16. Three aspects of packaging that are important in international marketing are labeling, aesthetics, and climate considerations.
  17. The label on the jug of milk says the product is fat-free. This label would be an example of an express warranty.

    Express warranties are written.
  18. Sophie collects Beanie Babies, the soft plush animals that were popular in the 1990s. For months, she searched for a particular limited-edition Beanie Baby in stores all over her hometown and even in other states. She finally found the toy on eBay. For Sophie, the Beanie Baby is an example of a(n):
    a. specialty product.

    b. consumer product.

    c. convenience product.

    d. business product.

    e. unsought product.

    • A.
    • Convenience products are usually relatively inexpensive items that receive little shopping effort.
  19. Why is the creation of a product the starting point for the marketing mix?
    a. The production department must know what to produce first.

    b. The product is the first of the four P's listed in the marketing mix.

    c. The product does not have to be the starting point-distribution or promotional strategies could also be the starting point.

    d. Product development takes the longest amount of time to complete.

    e. Determination of the price, promotional campaign, and distribution network cannot begin until the product has been specified.

    E. The product is the first decision around which the others are based.
  20. Which of the following is the best example of a shopping product for most consumers?
    a. A light bulb for the front porch fixture.

    b. Vital Radiance makeup by Revlon for women over 50.

    c. A ream of paper for your printer.

    d. A gas grill for the new patio.

    e. A copy of The Wall Street Journal.

  21. Arno stopped at a newsstand to buy today's Wall Street Journal. While he was paying for his newspaper, he noticed a Sudoku puzzle book, which he also purchased. In this example, the puzzle book is an example of a(n) ________ product.
    a. specialty

    b. convenience

    c. business

    d. shopping

    e. unsought

    Unsought products are products unknown to the potential buyer.
  22. Until his Dalmatian puppy developed hip problems and required surgery, Aristide had no idea that he could buy pet insurance to pay for accidents, illnesses, medicines, and surgery involving his pet. For Aristide, pet insurance would have been classified as a(n):
    • a.
    • convenience product.

    a. convenience product

    b. unsought product.

    c. homogeneous shopping product.

    d. specialty product.

    e. heterogeneous product.
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    Elmer's brand Glue-All and Marks-A-Lot permanent markers are both examples of:
    a.product items.

    b. product mixes.

    c. product lines.

    d. specialty products.

    e. product cannibals.

  24. There are a number of detergents marketed under the Tide brand including detergent with and without fabric softener, with and without bleach, with and without various fragrances, and for high-efficiency washing machines. The large variety of detergents marketed under the Tide brand is an example of a:
    a. product line.

    b. product mix.

    c. marketing line.

    d. marketing mix.

    e. line extension.

  25. George Weston Limited, a Canadian food processing and distribution company, is one of the world's largest producers of breads. The company also owns and operates a pulp and paper processing company; Nielson, a major Canadian dairy; and a sugar refinery. These organizations provide Weston with product:
    a. line height.

    b. line consistency.

    c. mix width.

    d. line depth.

    e.mix depth.

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    A laptop manufacturer recently added a metal case and shock mountings to its laptop computers to make them more durable. It has not changed its prices. This would be an example of a ________ modification.
    a. quality


    d. repositioning

    e. differential

  27. When Campbell Soup Company introduced Campbell's Soup at Home, sippable containers of soup that could be heated in the microwave and eaten anywhere, it was an example of a(n) ________ modification.
    a. style

    b. functional

    c. quality

    d. repositioning

    e. upward extension

    B. Quality modifications entail changing a product's dependability or durability.
  28. Mission Tortilla brand Mexican foods has added a new, low-carbohydrate version of its flour tortillas. This is an example of a:
    a. product line width.

    b. portfolio expansion.

    c. product line extension.

    d. contraction.

    e. repositioning.

  29. A recipe in an ad for Campbell's cream of mushroom soup, which explains how to use the soup to make a delicious chicken meal, is an example of:
    a. planned obsolescence.

    b. an aesthetics modification.

    c. cannibalization.

    d. trading down.

    e. repositioning

  30. Coca-Cola is the best known brand name in the world. The name has a high perceived quality and high brand loyalty among soft drink users. The company has developed the brand name for over 100 years. Coca-Cola has a valuable:
    brand equity.

    Coca-Cola enjoys a strong brand equity: the value of the brand name to the company.
  31. Because Pizza Hut has restaurants in many different areas of the world, it is an example of a:
    global brand.
  32. The Safeway supermarket chain sells a brand of cookies, pasta, and other products under the name "Safeway Select." This is an example of a:
    private brand
  33. General Mills offers brands such as Bisquick pancake mix, Gold Medal flour, Betty Crocker cake mixes, and Yoplait yogurt. General Mills appears to be using a(n) ________ brand strategy.
  34. Many personal computer manufacturers, such as Compaq and Dell, sell computers with the words "Intel inside" written on the central processing unit. This is an example of:
    a. dealer branding.

    b. brand grouping.

    c. private branding.

    d. generic branding.

    e. cobranding.

  35. Which of the following is an example of a trademark?
    a. The stylized eagle used in all marketing communications for the USPS.

    b. "Snap, Crackle, Pop" from Rice Krispies.

    c. The ram design that appears on all Dodge trucks.

    d. The Nike slogan "Just Do It".

    e. all of the answers are trademarks.

  36. Sherwin-Williams' paint brand, Dutch Boy, has developed a packaging innovation. The new Twist and Pour paint is packaged in an all-plastic gallon container with an easy twist-off lid, comfort side handle, and even a pouring spout. There's no other paint product like it on the market. This innovative packaging was most likely designed for which of the following functions?
    a. facilitate product use and convenience

    b. contain and protect the product

    c. reduce environmental damage

    d. facilitate recycling

    e. promote product

  37. The label on a can of Spam that suggests ways to prepare the meat and its nutritional value to a complete diet is an example of the use of ________ labeling.
  38. A bonus pack on a sunscreen indicates that you get "25 percent more free." This is an example of:
    a. a private label brand.

    b. persuasive labeling.

    c. functional packaging.

    d. a promotive label.

    e. recyclable packaging.

  39. Due to the existence of a(n) ________, Shannon had every reason to believe the antacid he purchased would relieve his stomach problems if he followed the directions on the box.
    • a. implied warranty
    • b. functional label
    • c. persuasive label
    • d. express warranty
    • e. universal warranty

  40. Greta purchased an electric can opener last week and attempted to open a can of soup with it this weekend. However, the blade on the can opener was too dull and succeeded only in denting the can, rather than cutting it. Under the ________, she has a right to demand that the machine perform the job for which it was purchased.
    a. Uniform Commercial Code

    b. Product Liability Act

    c. Trademark Protection Act

    d. Federal Communications Commission Code

    e. Package Labeling Act

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