Greek and Roman Mythology Named ID

  1. Remus
    • -twin brother of Romulus
    • - son of Rhea Silvia and Mars
    • - abandoned, saved by a she wolf at birth
    • - got into robbery, and was captured by the king of Alba
    • - Romulus saved him, then killed the king.
    • - They founded Rome. Remus was killed by his brother.
  2. Romulus
    • - twin brother of Remus
    • - son of Rhea Silvia and Mars
    • - founded city of Rome
  3. Turnus
    • - Italic hero, king of the Rutuli at the time of the arrival of Aeneas
    • - son of King Daunus and Nymph Vinilia
    • - violent, wouldn't allow foreigners to settle in central Italy
    • - ally of Latinus
    • - eventually killed by Aeneas in single combat
  4. Theseus
    • Pre-eminent Attic hero.
    • - son of Aethra and Aegeus or maybe Poseidon
    • - tutored by Connidas
    • - Aegeus hid hi sandals an sword beneath a rock and told Aethra to only reveal it to Theseus when he was older and strong enough to move the rock. He then should follow his father to Athens in secret so that his cousins couldn't plot against him.
    • - She told him at age 16 because he was so strong. He left on a journey, and decided to become famous like Heracles and killed many monsters, including the Minotaur with the help of Ariadne.
    • - When he returned home he did not put up the white sails, and his father fell from a cliff and died.
    • - caused a war with the Amazons when he scorned Antiope who he had a son with (Hippolytus) to marry Phaedra instead
    • - friends with Pirithous, tried to find Persephone in Hades in order for Pirithous to wed her, but were captured. Heracles saved Theseus.
    • - killed by Lycomedes
    • - champion of democracy in his lifetime.
    • - father of Acamas and Demophon
  5. Tantalus
    • - son of Zeus and Pluto, the daughter of Cronus or of Atlas
    • - Reigned on Mount Sipylus, extremely rich and loved by the gods
    • - perjured himself in order to hand over to Hermes Zeus' dog; abducted Ganymede
    • - punishment was being in a pool of water and unable to drink; fruit hung above him but disappeared when he tried to eat it: an eternal hunger and thirst
  6. Styx
    • River of the Underworld.
    • Name of spring in Arcadia. Water was poisonous for humans and cattle. I could break iron, metal and pottery.
    • Alexander the Great was supposedly poisoned by it
    • Thetis dipped Achilles in it to make him invulnerable.
    • Used by gods for pronouncing oaths.
  7. Sisyphus
    • - most cunning of mortals, son of Aeolus
    • - founded Corinth; married to Merope
    • - Autolyus stole his flocks, but Sisyphus had put his name on their hooves'
    • Sisyphus saw Zeus abduct Aegina and told Asopus.
    • - condemned to role a rock eternally up a hill
  8. Sirens
    • Sea demons; half women and half bird
    • - often 3 of thems; remarkable musicians
    • - Lived on island in the Mediterranean and attracted passing sailors with their music. The ships would approach and crash or become stranded. The sirens would then devour them.
    • - the Argonauts sailed close. So did Odysseus.
  9. Pegasus
    • - winged horse
    • - born either from the springs of the Ocean, Gorgon's neck, or the ground where Gorgon's blood fell
    • Glew to Olympus and placed himself at Zeus' disposal.
    • Bellerophon was able to kill the Chimaera and defeat the Amazons because Pegasus helped him.
    • Pegasus struck Mt. Helicon on Zeus' orders to return it to normal size. A spring gushed from there.
  10. Paris
    • Second son of Priam and Hecuba; also called Alexander.
    • Prophesied that he would cause the destruction of Troy. Because of this he was abandoned on Mt. Ida at birth, and raised by shepherds who found him.
    • It was revealed who he was at his own funeral games many years later.
    • He judged the fairest goddess to be Aphrodite, when she promised him Helen the most beautiful woman in the world. This led to the Trojoan War.
    • He was an archer; killed Achilles.
    • Paris was killed by Philoctetes.
  11. Polyphemus
    • 1) one of the Lapiths, son of Elatus and Hippe
    • 2) one of the Cyclopes; son of Poseidon and Nymph Thoosa
    • most savage, ate raw flesh, didn't drink wine
    • Odysseus and men were captured in his cave. Odysseus gave him wine and he fell asleep. They blinded him and he ran out of the cave yelling 'Noman' blinded me.
  12. Cyclopes
    • Had one eye in the middle of forehead; distinguishible by strength and manual dexterity. [Brontes, Steropes, Arges - Thunder, Lightning, Thunderbolt]
    • When Zeus released them from imprisonment, they gave him thunder, lightning, and thunderbolts; Hades was given a helmet that made him invisible; Poseidon a trident. These gifts allowed them to defeat the Titans.
  13. Nausicaa
    • Daughter of King Alcinous of the Phaecians and of Arete.
    • When Odysseus was shipwrecked on the island where she lived, Nausicaa found him and welcomed him giving him food and clothes.
  14. Hecuba
    • Priam's second wife.
    • Daughter of Dymas and the Nymph Eunoe.
    • Had 15 children
    • Turned into a bitch when she was going to be killed for killing Polymestor's children and blinding Polymestor himself in revenge for killing one of her only sons left from the Trojan War.
  15. Priam
    • Youngest of sons of Laemedon.
    • Hecuba was his second wife.
    • Children: Hector, Paris, Creusa, Laodice, Polyxena, Cassandra, Deipholous, Helenus, Pammon, Polites, Antiphus, Hipponous, Polydorus, and Troilus.
    • Essential character is piety. Killed by Neoptolemus.
  16. Telemachus
    • Only son of Odysseus and Penelope.
    • When he was a child, he fell into the sea and saved by dolphins.
    • Grew up at Ithaca under care of Mentor.
  17. Pan
    • God of shepherds and flocks.
    • Half man and half animal. Pictured with reed pipe, shepherd's crook, and crown of pine leaves.
    • Male goat lower half; horns on forehead, hairy
    • Often in company of Dionysus; brought happiness to the gods on Olympus.
  18. Alcestis
    • Daughter of Pelias and Anaxiba.
    • Most beautiful and pious of women.
    • Only child of Pelias not to have a hand in his murder.
    • Married Admetus; she agreed to die in her husband's place.
    • Heracles brought her back from Hades more beautiful and younger; or Persephone moved by devotion returned her to earth.
  19. Minotaur
    • Monster with body of a man and head of a bull.
    • Real name was Asterius.
    • Son of Pasiphae and the bull sent to Minos by Poseidon.
    • He was shut in the Labyrinth built by Daedalus.
    • Killed by Theseus.
  20. Niobe
    • 1) first mortal woman to sleep with Zeus: Argos and Pelasgus.
    • 2) Daughter of Tantalus and Pelops
    • Married Amphion and had 7 sons and 7 daughters.
    • Declared herself superior to Leto because she had more children. Leto was offended and asked her children Apollo and Artemis to avenge her. They killed all but two of her children.
  21. Furies
    • Alecto, Tisiphone, Megaera
    • Roman demons of the Underworld. They became assimilated with the Greek Erinyes, whose myths they borrowed.
    • Engendered by the drops of blood that were spilt on the earth when Uranus was castrated.
    • They have no laws other than their own, which even Zeus had to obey.
    • They avenge crime, particularly against families.
    • Winged spirits, with hair intertwined with snakes, whips, torches.
  22. Medusa
    • One of the Gorgona, had 2 sisters: Stheno and Euryale.
    • Killed by Perseus with the help of Athena; when he decapitated her a winged horse, Pegasus, and a giant: Chrysaer sprang from her mutilated neck; anyone who looked at her eyes turned to stone.
    • Daughter of Phorcys and Ceto.
    • Head entwined with snakes and neck protected by dragon scales, tusks bronze hands, golden wings.
  23. Adonis
    • Child of Smyrna and Theias (incest compelled by Aphrodite as punishment)
    • Aphrodite entrusted the child to Persephone, and she didn't want to give him back. Zeus settled the dispute: Adonis would spend 1/3 of the the year with each goddess and the last third wherever he chose.
    • Fatally wounded by a wild boar at an early age.
    • Provides basis for myths of origin of myrrh and the red rose.
  24. Laocoon
    • 1) Priest of Thymbrian Apollo at Troy.
    • Father to Ethron and Melanthus.
    • Angered Apollo because he lay with his wife in front of his statue; he also opposed the introduction of the wooden horse.
    • Killed with sons by two giant serpents sent by Apollo.
    • 2) Brother of Oeneus, son of Portheus; joined Argonauts with Meleager.
  25. Helios
    • The Sun.
    • Son of Titan Hyperion and Titaness Theia.
    • Brother of Eos and Selene; married Perseis; children: Circe, Aeetes, Pasiphae, Perses, Heliades
    • Travelled across sky in a chariot of fire, preceded by Aurora.
    • In Homer's work portrayed as servant of the gods, could not avenge himself.
  26. Harpies
    • Winged demons, the daughters of Thaymas and Electra
    • Carried off children and souls.
    • Depicted as winged women or birds with women's heads.
    • Coupled with wind-god Zephyrus and gave birth to two pairs of horses: Xanthus and Balius (horses of Achilles) and Phlogeus and Harpagus (horses of Dioscuri)
  27. Giants
    • Children of Gaia, born from the blood of Uranus' castration.
    • Avenged the Titans.
    • Although of divine origin they could be killed if they were slain siultaneosly by a god and mortal.
  28. Galatea
    Daughter of Nereus and a sea-goddess who was loved by Polyphemus, the Sicilian Cyclopes but she was in love with Acis. Polyphemus killed Acis.
  29. Orpheus
    • Son of Oeager and the Muse Calliope.
    • Singer, musician and a poet who plays the lyre and the cithara.
    • killed by women of Thrace.
    • Took part in the expedition of the Argonauts, during which he calmed the sea and stopped the Sirens.
    • Went into the Underworld to get wife back, but failed in the end.
  30. Eurydice
    • Wife of Orpheus.
    • Daughter of Apollo.
    • She died when she stepped on a snake and it bit her, she was being pursued by Aristaeus.
  31. Europa
    • Daughter of Agenor and Telephassa
    • Zeus slept with her as a bull.
    • 3 sons by Zeus: Minos, Sarpedclon, and Rhadamanthys.
    • 3 gifts from Zeus: bronze automaton Talos, dog that never lost its prey, and hunting spear that never missed.
  32. Eris
    • Personification of Strife
    • Portrayed as female winged spirit.
    • Threw the apple intended for the fairest of the goddesses which Paris had the task of awarding.
    • Daughter of Nyx.
  33. Dryads
    tree nymphs
  34. Actaeon
    • Son of Aristeus
    • Raised by Centaur Chiron who taught him art of hunting.
    • Devoured by own dogs on Mt Cithaeron as punishment from Arteis for seeing her naked when bathing.
  35. Deianira
    • Daughter of King Oeneus of Calydon and Althaea.
    • Knew how to drive a chariot and understood the art of war.
    • Spirit of Meleager asked Heracles to marry her.
    • Wife of Heracles, caused his death inadvertently.
  36. Laertes
    father of Odysseus.
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