Asia 12/5/11

  1. What country is China really close to in size?
    The US
  2. What are the two main divisions of China?
    • Arid China
    • Human China
  3. What are the 3 divisions of Arid China?
    • Tibet
    • Sin-Kiang Province
    • Gobi Desert
  4. What was the main religion of old Tibet?
  5. How high is the area that is Tibet on average?
    3 miles high
  6. What do they herd a lot in Tibet?
  7. What significant geographical features are a part of the Sin-Kiang Province?
    • The Tiran Basin
    • Tocklamakin Desert
  8. Where in China do they do a lot of nuclear testing?
    the Tocklamakin Desert
  9. What resource do they have in the SIn-Kiang Province?
    mineral wealth
  10. Where area of China did the Chinese silk route go through?
    the Sin-Kiang Province
  11. How were so many things perserved in teh Sin-Kiang Province?
    it's so hot and dry there
  12. Where in China do they keep a lot of their nuclear bombs?
  13. What desert in China is one of the most severe deserts in the world?
    the Gobi Desert
  14. What kind of desert is the Gobi Desert?
    a cool desert
  15. What is the temperture range of a cool desert?
    • below zero at night
    • up to 120 degrees in the heat of the day
  16. how many times more population does China have than America?
    4 times more
  17. How much of China is actually liveable?
    about half
  18. What different countries have controlled Manchuria?
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Russian
  19. What city is one of the greatest industrial cities in China? and what area is it in?
    • Shin Yang
    • Manchuria
  20. What product is really big for the Chinese?
    • soy for their protein
    • soy oil for theit plastics
  21. What area is Manchuria like in the states?
    • Minnesota
    • Michigan
    • Montana
  22. What is North China like in the States?
    • Indiana
    • Ohio
    • Pennsylvania
  23. Why is North China pretty cosmopolitan?
    because the capital is there
  24. What is the cultural hearth of China?
    the Wang Ho river valley
  25. What area is the yellow river in?
    North China
  26. What is the South China Hills like in America?
    the southeastern portion
  27. What do they grow in the South China Hills?
    • citrus
    • rice
  28. Where is the Yang Zi river?
    South China Hills
  29. What is the name of the biggest dam complex in China?
    • 3 gorge dam
    • in the Red Basin
    • Chung King
  30. What is the area called that is 3 large industrial cities that all grew together?
    Wo Hong
  31. Who is the number one country holding our debt?
  32. Who is the number 2 country holding our debt?
  33. When does history start?
    When the language is written down
  34. When does Chinese history officially start?
    1766 BC
  35. What objects did the Chinese first write on?
    • tortoise shells
    • pelvic bones
  36. What Chinese dynasty is as far back as history officially goes?
    the Shang Dynasty
  37. What dynasty do we know existed because the Shang Dynasty talked about?
    Hisa Dynasty
  38. What dynasty comes after the Shang Dynasty?
    the Chou Dynasty
  39. What Jesuit Priest Romanized the Chinese language?
  40. How many tones do the Chinese have?
    4 tones
  41. How long did the Chou Dynasty last?
    900 years
  42. What period was going on during 500 BC in China?
    the warring period
  43. What was the warring period known for?
    being the most stimulating period for philosophy and religion
  44. What is the warring period also known as?
    the age of 100 philosophies
  45. What Chinese figure existed during the warring period?
  46. How many books did Confucius write?
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