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  1. A company that advertises some all year round, but more during the holidays is using :
    a pulsating campaign
  2. The following are advantages of using radio, except:
    long exposure time
  3. The following are advantages of outdoor advertising, except:
    short lead time to develop ads
  4. Frequency is the:
    average number of times an individual, household, or business in a target market is exposed to an advertisement during a specific time period
  5. Television advertising rates are primarily determined by:
    Nielsen ratings
  6. Ratings measure the:
    percentage of a households tuned into a particular television show or viewing a medium such as a magazine
  7. An advertisement on television will have the biggest impact:
    at the beginning or end of a set of ads
  8. Direct mail offers each of the following advantages, except:
    high intrusion value
  9. A media strategy is the process of:
    analyzing and choosing media for an advertising and promotions campaign
  10. Recency theory is based on:
    consumers having selective attention processes
  11. The new method of advertising campaign development is based on the idea that:
    a more integrated approach based on an in-depth understanding of the target market is essential
  12. Gross impressions are:
    total exposures of an audience to an advertisement
  13. When a firm has its product shown in the background of a television program or film, the advertising technique is known as:
    product placement
  14. A media plan begins with:
    a careful analysis of the target market
  15. The major reason retailers tend to use newspapers for advertising is newspapers:
    offer geographic selectivity
  16. Of the following media, the one that requires the longest lead time from ad development to ad appearance is:
  17. Television offers the following advantages, except:
    narrowly defined target markets
  18. Of the following media, the medium with the greatest or longest life is:
  19. Reach is:
    the number of people, households, or businesses who are exposed to a media vehicle or message schedule at least once during a given time period
  20. Magazines offer each of the following advantages, except:
    short ad lead time
  21. Which technique helps identify an Internet user's online patterns and reach the user with relevant ads?
    behavioral targeting
  22. Effective reach refers to the:
    percentage of the audience that must be exposed to an ad to achieve an objective
  23. Business-to-business advertising is:
    looking more like consumer ads
  24. CPM stands for:
    cost per thousand
  25. Effective frequency refers to the:
    number of times a target audience must be exposed to an ad for it to be effective
  26. The most common method of direct-marketing is:
  27. Another name for a merchandiser or detailer is:
    missionary salesperson
  28. The salesperson at a discount store such as Wal-Mart would most likely be a(n):
    order taker
  29. To calculate the lifetime value of a customer, a firm marketing team needs all of the following data, except:
    average number of purchases per month
  30. The following are examples of internal data, except:
    commercial database service information
  31. The two most general categories of personal selling are:
    retail sales and business-to-business sales
  32. The first step in the business-to-business selling process is:
    identifying prospects
  33. In terms of the consumer buying process and retail sales, it is important for the sales clerk to:
    ask questions to determine which stage of the consumer buyer process the customer is at
  34. Direct-marketing programs create:
    one-to-one contacts with customers
  35. A customer relationship management (CRM) program works best when customers have:
    highly differentiated needs and highly differentiated valuations of the product
  36. As technology continues to evolve, many experts expect:
    fewer sales positions
  37. In developing a CRM program, the "share" of the customer refers to:
    the potential value of the customer based on the percentage of business the customer does with the a particular firm for a particular product
  38. The primary disadvantage of direct mail is:
  39. When the same salesperson helps a customer solve various problems over time with purchases, the type of selling relationship would be classified as:
    repeat transactions
  40. Intrinsic value buyers:
    focus on price
  41. The first step in developing a database should be:
    determine objectives
  42. A mission-sharing sales approach is most similar to:
    joint-venture projects
  43. Personal selling is sometimes called the "last three feet" of the marketing function because:
    three feet is the approximate distance between the salesperson and the customer
  44. When a wireless phone company combines with an Internet access company to develop a plan to reach certain business customers, the relationship is a(n):
    strategic partnership
  45. Selling services often involves which type of transaction relationship?
  46. Each of the following is a source of external marketing data, except:
    telephone numbers and addresses collected from checks
  47. Strategic value buyers:
    seek partnerships with suppliers
  48. Levi-Strauss & Company's database marketing program was designed to:
    identify target groups and interact with members of those groups
  49. Data mining is:
    building customer groups and models that predict their future purchase behavior
  50. Do-Not-Call lists affect:
    outbound telemarketing
  51. A need-satisfaction sales approach focuses on the customer's:
    desire for solutions to specific needs
  52. The last step in the business-to-business selling process is:
  53. Extrinsic value buyers:
    focus mostly on product attributes
  54. The manufacturer's dilemma in retail selling is that most purchase decisions are made:
    in the store
  55. What type of salesperson would take inquiry phone calls from prospective customers?
    inbound telemarketing
  56. Frequent flier miles in airline travel are a form of:
    frequency program
  57. Text message advertisements to cell phone users who have granted permission is the newest form of:
    outbound telemarketing
  58. When a salesperson helps a customer who has called the company with a question about a product on a 1-800 line, it is:
    inbound telemarketing
  59. The program designed to build long-term loyalty and bonds with customers, using a personal selling touch combined by effective technology is known as:
    customer relationship management
  60. A stimulus-response sales approach is sometimes called:
    a "canned" sales pitch
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